How To Reset Brake Fluid Light On 2013 Bmw 328i

The BMW brake fluid service warning will appear if the brake fluid has not been changed at the recommended intervals. Round, half-full light reminds you to perform brake maintenance. The light may also come on if the brake fluid level is low. Read: how to reset brake fluid light on bmw 328i 2013


  • BMW brake service reminder
  • Service icon on dash and iDrive
  • Brake fluid service is required according to vehicle condition


The following method uses the Reset odometer button displayed on the instrument cluster. It does not require any special scanners or tools.

  • Turn on the ignition. Plug your key into the socket. On older BMW models, rotate the key two clicks. On newer models, press and hold the START button without pressing the brake pedal. All your indicator lights will turn on. Do not start the engine.turn on the ignition bmwRead: how to reset brake fluid light on 2013 bmw 328i
  • Wait a few seconds to clear any warning messages.
  • Press and hold Reset speedometer on the instrument cluster.RESET BUTTON FLUID WARNING MESSAGE BMW BRAKE FLUID
  • While you hold down the ODMeter Reset button, one Triangle will show up on the dash. Keep holding the Reset button until you see the Oil Icon or the Microfilter Icon. reset brake fluid service menu bmw
  • You have now entered Service menu. Here you can reset any BMW CBS Service Prompt. Since we are interested in resetting the BMW brake fluid warning, you press the Reset button until brake reservoir symbol is displayed. You can also switch between items using +/- on cluster or Test button on the stem of the steering column.reset brake fluid service warning bmw
  • Next, press and hold the Odo Reset button for about 5 seconds. Reinstall? will be displayed on the reset brake service warning light reminder
  • Release the button, then press and hold it again. After another five seconds, the reset will be complete. The light will change from Red to Yellow. Reinstall? will change to OK or Reset.
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    How to Reset BMW Brake Service Reminders with the Scan Tool

    An alternative method of resetting the BMW brake fluid warning message is to use an OBD2 scanner. The BMW OBD2 scanner will allow you to reset many BMW services and diagnose problems from different modules.Reset BMW brake fluid maintenance reminders with Foxwell for BMW ScannerResetBMW Brake Service Alerts with Autel MaxiDAS quét ScannerReset BMW brake fluid lights with Carly for BMWWhat tips or tricks did you use to reset your BMW brake fluid service reminders? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. If your BMW brake fluid level falls below the MIN level, you may need to Add BMW Brake Fluid. The next step is to reset the BMW brake fluid using the following instructions. Read more: how to get back the person who pushed you away

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