How To Reset Astro A50? (Explained)

How to Reset Astro A50Astro A50 is a wireless gaming headset that you can use with your PC and console. In terms of design, other brands cannot compare with Astro A50. They are bulky with giant earplugs that cover your ears. The headset is comfortable and you can use it for several hours without feeling a burden on your head. You can clearly hear small audio signals and get an immersive gaming experience. In this article, we will show you the steps to reset your Astro A50.

How to reset Astro A50?

The majority of problems that you may encounter while using the Astro A50 can be fixed by simply resetting the wireless headset. The process is pretty easy and it shouldn’t take you more than a minute to completely reset your A50. If your headphones are stuck or not connecting to your system then you should also try resetting the headphones and that will probably fix the problem. Unless there is some hardware issue with your gaming headset. Read more: 1986 to 2021 You’ll need to press and hold the two buttons on the right side of the headset. The first button has a Dolby symbol next to it, and you can find it between the power button and the EQ button if you own the newer A50 model. While holding down the Dolby button, you also need to hold down the game mode button on the side of your right earbud. Be sure to hold both buttons for 10 to 20 seconds to ensure that the headset resets properly. If you followed the correct procedure, the headset will reset and restart. At this point, you can check if it’s working properly by connecting it to your PC. The base station can also notify you about the status of your wireless headset. So you can easily verify if your headphones are fixed after you reset them. Some users have difficulty with this process and cannot get their headset. This is because they didn’t press the game mode button properly. The game mode button has an uneven design, that’s why users can’t hold it properly and they constantly switch to voice mode. So the only thing you need to do is make sure that the buttons are pressed properly and your headset will reset. 360-degree sound makes it possible for you to get a positional advantage over other players. You will easily determine the location of the enemy if you rely on the audio cues during your gaming sessions. Overall, the Astro A50 is the perfect headset if you want outstanding sound quality.Astro A50 not working after resetIf the Astro A50s still won’t work properly after you’ve reset them, the chances of a hardware problem increase. You should check a few things first to confirm this suspicion. First, the battery status. Batteries are the most common reason why users can’t get their wireless headphones to work, and you can face the same problem if you can’t turn on the headset. So what you should do is make sure that the battery is charged and that the base station is providing enough power to your headphones. You can try connecting the base station to a different power source, then try to charge your headphones again. But if they still don’t work, there’s still a chance your headphones are damaged. In that case, you will have to buy a new headset to connect to your system. You can also report an issue to the Astro support team to get a list of troubleshooting steps. That way, you won’t have to guess what’s wrong with your headphones. Once the troubleshooting steps are done, you should be able to connect the headset to your PC. Read more: Baked Arancini (Risotto Balls) Recipes

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