How To Replace Co2 Cartridge In Life Jacket

Inflatable life jackets are convenient for many reasons. Their lightweight design and large range of motion make them comfortable for fishing, boating, boating, and boating, as they’re less likely to get in your way. Bluestorm personal flotation devices (PFDs) are approved by the US Coast Guard and designed to exceed safety standards. To make the best use of your PFD, it’s important to know how to care for and maintain its safety by understanding when you should replace your CO2 cylinders.Read: how to replace co2 cartridge in life jacket

When should you replace the CO2 cylinder in the PFD?


After your life jacket automatically inflates while submerged (or after you’ve inflated it yourself by pulling the cord), you’ll need to re-tie it before your next use. Before starting the lifejacket recharge process, make sure you know how to recognize the warning signs of a failing PFD and understand how often your PFD needs a CO2 replacement. How often should you replace your PFD CO2 cartridge?

Automatic service indicator

One of the simplest ways to tell if it’s time to change your life jacket’s CO2 tank is to have an automatic service light located underneath the CO2 tank. If the indicator light is green, the life jacket will automatically inflate within seconds of being submerged in water. When the service indicator turns red, you’ll need to purchase a new accessory kit and begin the recharging process. Although the vest will still inflate through the wire when the indicator light is red, it will not inflate when exposed to water. Before you begin the process of recharging your life jacket, here are some other steps to identifying a non-working PFD. Once you’ve learned to go through this list, you’ll know when you should replace your CO2 cylinder:

  • Check the bobbin for any cracks or holes.
  • Check to make sure that the bobbin is not expired. If the bobbin has expired or deteriorated, it may not work properly.
  • The visual inspection window is the primary way to check if your device is fitted and ready to wear. Green means GO, red means NO.
  • A used CO2 cylinder will have a small hole in the bottom indicating the cylinder has been used.
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When preparing for an outing, ask yourself:

  • Have I checked the condition of the pump set and made sure the CO2 tank is not punctured?
  • Have I checked my inflatable PFD for leaks in the last two months?
  • Do I have the right PFD for this operation?
  • How does my PFD work in the country?
  • Did I test it out this season?
  • Do I have the right size PFD for each person (according to the label) and do they fit?
  • Have I tested my other inflatable PFDs the same way I tested my own?

How to re-equip CO2 cartridge for inflatable life jacket

Now that you know the basics of how often you should replace the CO2 cartridge in your PFD, you can begin the replacement process.Bluestorm Cirrus Auto Inflation Green 1 c458afe6 75a4 420b 8b86

Step 01: Remove all air from the chamber.

Read more: how to net a fruit tree The first step to recharging your inflatable life jacket is to suck all the air out of the air chamber. Locate the red mouth inflation tube on the unit where you will manually inflate. Before you start applying pressure, remove the black cap and place it upside down in the mouthpiece and hold. Squeeze or roll the inflation chamber (do not squeeze) until all the air is expelled. When all the air has been pushed out through the mouthpiece, return the cap to its original position and reattach.Screenshots 2021 04

Step 02: Remove the old cap, cylinder and bobbin.

The next step for how to refit the Bluestorm inflatable life jacket is to locate the housing for the bobbin and cylinder. The gray case is on the lower left side of the PFD when you are wearing it. Once you have located it, dispose of the old cap, cylinder, and bobbin in the trash. Cabins exposed to moisture, high temperatures or vibrations should be inspected, disposed of and replaced more frequently.

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Step 03: Get a new bobbin.

The shelf life of bobbins is only three years, but it is essential to inspect your bobbin between each use for any cracks, breaks or damage that could cause the PFD to stop bulging. To see how to reinstall the CO2 cartridge and complete the process, you will need a new bobbin, included in the Bluestorm kit.Screenshots 2021 04

Step 04: Install the new bobbin and cover.

After you have removed the old bobbin, insert the new bobbin from the refit kit into the gray box. Before installation, make sure the transparent white material is new and not cracked or damaged. Also, be sure to check the expiration date and make sure the bobbin hasn’t expired for three years. With white facing up, drop the new bobbin into the box after aligning it properly with the grooves. After the bobbin is dropped into the case, reinsert the cover and rotate it clockwise until it meets the housing. There shall be no gap between the housing and the cover.Screenshots 2021 04

Step 05: Make sure the new cylinder is not punctured.

Read more: how to become a substitute teacher in north carolina Once the cap and bobbin are securely installed, get a new CO2 cylinder and make sure it is not punctured.Screenshots 2021 04

Step 06: Install new cylinder.

If your cylinder is not punctured and in good condition, you can begin the CO2 cartridge installation process. To fit into the case, turn it clockwise until tight (tighten by hand only). If the cylinder is installed correctly, the service indicator will show green. When the service indicator shows green, you can repack the air chamber. Fold both sides of the air cavity into the outer housing. When you fold the air chamber, make sure not to twist it. To securely close the air cavity, press the hook and loop together on the outer edge of the case. Once all the boards are in the housing, check again that the green service indicator is displayed through the indicator window on the case. You have completed the deposit process! Before hitting the water, make sure your PFD is armed and ready to go.

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Get the most out of your inflatable PFD

If you take good care of your inflatable life jacket and complete regular maintenance, it can last for years. To prepare for any emergency, practice wearing and adjusting your inflatable PFD in the water before heading to topqa.infostorm wants to get the most out of your recreational activities by keeping you safe entirely on land and in water. Now that you know how to refit your inflatable life jacket from Bluestorm, check out our inflatable PFD and the following booster kit for extra safety in the water, or contact Bluestorm If you have more questions. Read more: How to bet on a trampoline Read more: How to bet on a trampoline Read more: How to bet on a tram

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