How To Remove Winrar Expired Notification

WinRAR is a great file archiving software, but many users have reported WinRAR expiration while in use. This message is there to remind you that your trial period has expired and you need to purchase a license. Many users find this message annoying as it will appear every time you start the software, but there is a way to get rid of this message, and today we will show you how. Read: how to remove winrar’s expiration notice

How to get rid of WinRAR expiration notice?


1. Using WinZip

If you are fed up with the constant WinRAR expiration message, maybe you should consider switching to WinZip. This software is famous and is one of the best file storage applications on the market. many others.WinZip can compress any type of file including folders, images, PDFs and videos. It is worth mentioning that the application can decompress multiple archives simultaneously, which is a big plus. Read more: how to mount projector screen permanently on drywall Storage repair is also available, allowing you to repair damaged archive files with ease. File encryption is available, of course, allowing you to protect your files with a password. WinZip is a great alternative to WinRAR and if you are having any problems with it we recommend you to try WinZip.Other great features:

  • File management features
  • Split files
  • PDF to Word Converter
  • Support file backup and file sharing
  • Cloud storage support

2. Use the context menu to extract files

  • Locate the archive you want to extract.
  • Right click on it and select Unzip the files. unzip here winRAR How to get rid of winrar expiration message
  • Enter the destination path or select it from the directory tree. After doing that, click ALRIGHT to unzip the files.extract path How to get rid of winrar expiration message
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    Alternatively, you can use one of the following options instead:

    • Extract here – to extract files in current directory
    • Extract to Archive_name – to create a new directory inside the current directory and extract the files there

    To compress a file, simply do the following:

  • Select the files you want to add to the archive and right click on them.
  • Choose Add to archive. add to archive How to get rid of winrar's expiration message
  • Enter the repository name and change the settings if necessary. Click ALRIGHT when you’re done.repository name and parameters How to get rid of the winrar expiration message
  • Read more: how to leave the group when meeting In addition, you can use Add to directory This method is just a workaround, but as long as you don’t start the application you won’t even have to see an expired WinRAR message.

    3. Ignore message / buy license

  • Open WinRAR.
  • When the notification appears, just close it.winrar buy window How to get rid of winrar expired message
  • The message will not appear until you restart WinRAR. Although this method will not permanently remove this message, it is the method that most WinRAR users are currently using. If you want to permanently remove this notice, you will have to buy license WinRARThe .WinRAR expiration message is part of the application and if you don’t want to deal with it anymore you should switch to WinZip or use our other solutions. Read more: how to install lexmark printer on computer without cd

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