How To Remove Old Tape From Wood

How to remove tape residue from wood


What would the world be like without duct tape? Thankfully, we don’t have to find out. Adhesive tape can be used in many ways, from gluing two items together to acting as a moisture barrier for painted surfaces and much more. Because adhesive tape — such as duct tape or duct tape — is designed to stick, removing tape and all traces of it can sometimes be a daunting task, especially removing adhesive residue from wood without damaging the surface. Tub O’ Towels can get you out of that sticky mess, removing even stubborn tape residue.Read: how to remove old tape from wood

Harder way to remove ice residue from wood

Read more: How to Start Drawing Wildlife and Make Your Life Happier Determine how to remove duct tape residue from wood or how to remove duct tape residue from wood or any other residue that may follow one of two ways — the harder way or the easier way. The first is the more difficult way, which can include multiple transitions from easy to more difficult. If you want to try a more involved way, here are the steps:

  • Start scraping with a putty knife but do so gently so as not to scratch or damage the wood.
  • Moisten the surface with warm water, which can soften the adhesive tape. Then, scrub with a soft towel by swiping back and forth.
  • If that doesn’t work, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to try to loosen the bond more. Unless it’s a water-resistant surface, don’t leave it in water for too long or the wood could be damaged.
  • You can also try warming the residue with a hair dryer, then try to wipe it off with a soft cloth or scrape it off with a scraper.
  • Use a clean white cloth or cotton swab to dab a little alcohol on the paint stain, but don’t use it if it’s painted wood because alcohol can remove the paint.
  • On finished wood you can try WD-40. Put on gloves, spray on the surface, wait a few seconds and then use your fingers to try to remove the residue. Wash off any remaining oil with soap and water.
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    Easier way to remove ice residue from wood

    Removing tape from wood does not need to be very involved or requires a lot of effort. Leave the scrapers and home remedies behind and grab the Tub O’ Towels heavy duty wipes for an easier way to clean off adhesive residue without any hassle.

  • Get the Tub O’ Towel.
  • Place one of the wipes over the adhesive residue.
  • Gently wipe off residue/adhesive.
  • Repeat if necessary to remove residue.
  • For strong residue, leave the cloth over the adhesive so that cleaning agents can penetrate the adhesive, then wipe.
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    About Tub O ‘Towel

    Removing tape residue from wood and wooden furniture is a lot easier with the power of Tub O’ Towels heavy duty cleaning wipes. Here are four reasons our wipes stand out:

    • Exclusive Bond Buster™ Technology: Tub O’ Towels wipes have an advanced additive that actually breaks the bond between the ice residue and the wood surface, meaning there’s no need to scrub hard or try multiple treatments.
    • Gentle cleanser: You don’t need gloves to protect your hands as our wipes use a gentle blend of detergents, emulsifiers and biodegradable foaming agents instead of harsh chemicals to wipe away residue.
    • Build to Last: The only thing harder than getting stuck on ice is that, Tub O’ Towels wipes are built to be durable to take on tough challenges. Their textured, quilted design holds the right amount of cleaning solution to get the job done quickly.
    • VapourLock Technology: A special VaporLock seal helps keep wipes moist between uses so they’re always ready to go when you need them.
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    Ready for a Better Cleaning?

    Try Tub O’ Towels today and discover for yourself how much easier it can be to remove tape residue from wood or quickly clean up all the clutter in life. They are available on our website or at leading retailers. Read more: how to tell if hiking shoes are too small

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