How To Remove Glazing From Windows

Whether it’s a steel window or a wooden window, removing the glass putty is one of the more difficult things to do in my opinion. How difficult the job is depends on many factors, such as how old the putty is and what type of putty was used. I can show you a few tricks to remove the grout without breaking the glass. Whichever technique you use, remember that you’re working with very thin glass that doesn’t require much force to break. You never know when you might have an unexpected breakdown.

How to prevent broken glass


Before we get into the putty removal techniques, I want to give you a few good tips on how to protect that beautiful corrugated glass. That’s what we’re after here, after all, isn’t it?1. Clean corner – Make sure that you clean the corners free of stains before attempting to remove the glass. This is one of the most fragile areas and the easiest to forget a little putty. Clean everything in the corners before trying to remove the glass.Read more: how to root samsung galaxy j5 | Top Q&A2. Glazing Stray Score – There is almost always an extra glazing point that you will overlook and it often causes doom for your glazing. Double check that you have removed ALL glazing points and then check again as there is always an obscured spot lurking.

Chisels & scrapers

I’ve probably tried more than a dozen different tools and techniques for glass putty removal, but it often falls back to the old standard. It doesn’t have to be sexy or exciting or new, but for removing anything from cement putty to putty, a good chisel can do wonders. And it’s super cheap and easy to get around! Like in the image above, I want to run the chisel along the junction of putty and glass first. It usually takes a few passes, and with each successive pass, you’ll dig a little deeper between the dough and the glass, breaking that seal. Don’t try to get it in one go, or you will break the glass. Take your time and do it little by little. Once you’ve separated the putty and the glass, then move on to the joint between the putty and the wood. Be extra careful here not to gouge the wood. Aside from breaking glass, this is the most common problem when using a sharp chisel on soft wood. Again, go slow and work methodically. Eventually, the putty will begin to chip or flake off. area.

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Steaming temperature

This is what I use in my shop to remove glass putty. It’s fast, clean and very efficient. Not to mention, it keeps dust down and helps us work Lead Safe. You can use any standard clothes steamer and do the work in place, or you can make a steamer box (learn how to do it here) pretty cheaply. If you are going to do a lot of windows then the steam box is absolutely the right choice. For a window or two, chisel and scrape are best. Read more: how to draw roses with oil step by step After an hour in the steamer, the enameled dough will soften and come off much easier. It also comes with the added bonus of helping to remove paint in preparation for restoration. Watch my video on how steam glass removal works.

Infrared accelerator

It’s not just red, it’s… HOT! Seriously, infrared heat is a great way to remove glass putty. Like steam heat, it helps soften the dough and make it more pliable, so you can scrape them off with something as simple as a 5-in-1 knife or scraper. I put a flashing aluminum step on the glass to protect it from heat. , otherwise you will break the glass due to too high temperature. Just a few pieces that you can move from one part to another are enough to protect your glasses. Do not leave the fireplace in any position for too long or you may burn the wood and paint. It doesn’t take much heat to soften the putty, so start with short 10-20 second shots and build up as needed.

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What about cement plaster?

Cement plaster is a real thing and it is more common on steel windows than wooden windows, but it can appear anywhere. There are some putty that, once fully cured, are rock-hard and completely immune to steam, infrared, chemicals or anything else. there is only one thing to do and that is to break the chisel. It fades chisels and is, as the name suggests, hard as cement, but it will come off and it can be restored with fresh putty without turning to stone. Good luck! Read more: how to protect walls from scratches

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