How To Remove Ghost Mode On Coin Master

Are you curious to know the Ghost mode on Coin Master? Want to know everything about Ghost Mode? Then you have landed in the right place. So we’re going to take a look at everything you need to know about Ghost modeIf you want to play Coin Master like a pro, you definitely need to know everything about Ghost Mode. Coin Master comes with many features, but the Coin Master community has created many tips and tricks beyond the official features and functions. Like Coin Master Free Spin, Free Pet food, and Ghost are among them. So, if you want to become an expert in Coin Master, these tips and tricks will help you do it. understand “What is Ghost mode?”,

What is Ghost mode in Coin Master?


The official developer of Coin Master does not recognize Ghost mode as a function or feature, but many players around the world use this trick to protect their village from attackers. It allows users to take their Coin Master account off the track so that friends can’t find or track it anywhere. So it’s like playing a game like Ghost where no one can track you.

How to enable Ghost mode on Coin Master?

Steps to enable Ghost Mode on Coin Master:

  • Close the Master Coin Game and open the Facebook app.
  • Go to the settings of the Facebook app.
  • In settings, tap Apps & websites.
  • Now click on logged in with Facebook section.
  • Remove Coin Master by selecting it and then clicking the discard button.
  • Now, open Coin Master.
  • If the game requires a login page, then instead of Facebook login, use guest mode.
  • Now enjoy Coin Master without worrying about big raids by friends.
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    Congratulation !! You succeeded Ghost Mode activated. After starting ghost mode, you can still see your friends in the friends list, but that doesn’t mean they can see you. If you interact with any of your friends, you will be kicked out of ghost mode.Related readings:

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    How to disable Ghost mode on Coin Master?

    Steps to disable Ghost Mode in Coin Master:

  • Close your game.
  • Restart your Internet.
  • Open your game and log back in with your Facebook account.
  • Read more: how to create a poke and poke tool You have successfully turned off Ghost mode in Coin Master. If you have any problems, restart the game again.Note: If you re-login Coin Master with Facebook, you will no longer be in ghost mode.

    Advantages of Ghost Mode in Coin Master?

    • Ghost allows you to deviate in coin Master so that your friends cannot track or search for you. That is the most significant advantage of ghost mode.
    • Ghost mode can be useful when you are playing Coin Master with your friends, especially when you are saving billions of coins for an upcoming event and you are afraid that anyone on your friends list will can raid your village and take away the billions you have saved.

    It is very annoying and heartbreaking when you lose all your coins from a big raid. That’s where ghost mode comes into play, as it allows you to play Coin Master without anyone noticing. So you can play and save coins for the next event without worrying about being raided.Related readings:

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    Download: Coin Master Read more: how to unpartition hard drive windows 7

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