How To Remove Dried Play Doh From Carpet

Play dough is every parent’s greatest invention or curse, depending on the day. One day, my kids could work with the play dough for hours, creating adorable shapes and snakes for hours. Other days, that same play dough gets pounded on my carpet as if they were having an overhead dance party. didn’t go well together, and then I made the mistake of trying to run the vacuum over my head. All it did was keep pounding the play dough into my carpet. So, after countless experiences with the devil’s play dough, I was determined to find a way to get it out of the carpet, and thankfully, I found the answer.

How to get play dough out of carpet in 7 steps


1. Use soft play dough first

When you first notice the play dough is stuck to the carpet, the first thing to do is use a soft cloth to absorb the small pieces of clay lying around. The play dough sticks to the play dough, so you just need to dab it where it fell. Don’t rub or try to push hard as it will only put more pressure on your carpet, making it worse. It’s best to be gentle at this step, if you have it I recommend using white play dough. It will be much easier to make sure you select all the pieces if you have a contrasting color. Use your hands to separate the carpet fibers slightly to reach any pieces that may be deeper. Don’t expect to use this play dough afterwards. It will also suck up dust, lint, dog hair and all the unappealing stuff in your play dough.Carpets and play dough

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2. Let the rest dry completely

After you get all the soft play dough you can, let it dry. Sometimes that takes a day or two. You want all the moisture out of it. Make sure you don’t add water or liquid detergent during the play dough removal task. Patience is required for this step. The more you try to remove the product, the longer it will take to dry and remove. Read more: how to smooth plastic edges without sanding It’s quite the opposite. Going against your immediate thinking is applying hot water and soap. The heat will cause the play dough to melt deeper into your carpet, the last thing you want.

3. Say goodbye to dry play dough

Once the play dough is completely dry, use a stiff brush, dull knife, or the edge of a metal spoon to break it up. If you find a toothbrush that’s stiff enough, that can work, but you can also use a stiff-bristled brush. First, I always rub my hand back and forth over that area. It will easily break some of the dried play dough, or at the very least, wash the dough away from the fibers of the carpet.

4. Vacuuming Bits Away

Now that you have broken up the dry play dough and there are crumbs on the floor, you can vacuum it up. Trust me; don’t do it before it breaks. The play dough is soft and the vacuum does not mix well. I recommend using the vacuum’s hose to reduce the risk of pressing any more debris into the carpet. If you have a brush attachment for your vacuum, that’s even better.vacuum carpet molding powderRepeat the steps Once this is done, you may have to go back to step 3 and break up some more dried play dough. Continue to repeat step 3 and step 4 until all dry play dough has been divided and removed.

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5. Absorb with soap and cold water

Once you’ve vacuumed the dry pieces, you’ll usually just have to deal with the discoloration left behind by the play dough. I once left blue play dough on my cream-colored carpet and the stain left a large stain that was difficult to remove. Remove stains with soap and cold water. Cold water is best because hot water will make the stain stay on your carpet longer. Make sure you keep the fabric damp but not soaking wet to prevent further moisture. Then, dry the area with a white cloth.

6. Treat stains from play dough

Read more: how to play hockey in a box If the stain persists, try using a little rubbing alcohol to soak the carpet stain on a clean white towel. Do not soak the fabric, but just keep it damp. A damp cloth soaked in water will wet the carpet padding. A white cloth will tell you if it has absorbed any color from the stain. Then, rinse the area with diluted white vinegar. This can also help remove any remaining stains. Dilute one part vinegar to four parts cool water. Just dab a small amount of hydrogen peroxide onto the stain with a paper towel, blotting gently until the residue is gone. Hydrogen peroxide can bleach carpets if they color or remove dough and children

7. Freezing is an alternative

If waiting for the play dough to dry feels like forever, try freezing it instead. Use a can of compressed air and hold it 2-3 inches away from the carpet. Spray on the stain for 10-15 seconds. When finished, the play dough will be frozen and frozen. Refrigerating the play dough is a quick alternative and will produce the same hardening effect, but doing so will help the dough dry faster. However, not everyone has a can of compressed air in their home, so it’s not the first choice for most people. You can find cold air cans at most auto parts stores. It is quite cold and can cause refrigerator burns if it accidentally touches your skin. It’s not a good option if the kids are in the area and curious about what you’re up to. I had to put a lot of grease on my elbows to get the play dough off the carpet, but it always comes off completely with these steps. You will also get rid of it, even if it takes a few days! Read more: how to make a graduation hat with fondant

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