how to remove bike cassette without special tools

Are you having trouble removing your bike’s band? Well, it’s not an easy job to do and much harder without special tools. Don’t worry, though. We will tell you all the steps on how to remove a bicycle band without special tools. Read: how to remove bike tape without special tools That way, you can remove it at home or by the roadside. However, be wary, doing this requires great strength, skill and concentration. Otherwise, it can seriously damage your bike. Just using your own bike chain is enough. But if you want to be on the safe side, then at least put on gloves before recording the cassette.

What you need for the process


remove-bandage-no-toolsNeedle-nose pliers – No home tool box is complete without these pliers. It has a pointed or long tip and is ideal for cutting and holding objects. Needle-nose pliers are also known for their excellent control over your work. This tool also allows you to reach tight areas easily, if you don’t have this type of pliers you can use regular pliers. You can also get your own Needle Nose Pliers.Your bike chain – Chain your bike to the side as it is one of the key tools that will make removing your stretcher a piece of cake.Gloves (optional) – safety should always be a priority, that’s why I highly recommend wearing gloves when working. However, if you use Needle Nose Pliers, you won’t touch the sharp edges of the tape, you can remove your bike’s tape the same way you would freehand gear without tools. With this, you can save dollars from spending too much on tools.remove-shimano-cassette-without-toolThe needle-nose pliers will go into the grooves of the lock ring, where you will rotate the tape to release it. The components slide to the freehub frame, where they are held together by a locking ring. You will find that the locking ring is facing outwards with respect to the smallest gear. Getting to know these parts and taking the first step is very important before proceeding. Now, let’s get into the detailed process of removing cassettes without tools.

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Step 1: Wear gloves

Gloves should be worn to avoid injuring or contaminating your hands when removing the Shimano sling without tools. On the road, you’re more likely to wear cycling gloves, which can be used in place of safety gloves.

Step 2: Get rid of the rear wheel

Remove the rear band without special tools by removing the rear wheel of the front bike. The rear wheel is where the bike’s stretcher is placed.

Step 3: Lean on your bicycle wheel and find the direction of the arrow

Lean on your bike’s wheel and make sure it’s firmly supported. You can even use stacked storage boxes as racks for bicycle wheels. to rotate your gear to lock. Normally, you have to rotate counterclockwise, i.e. opposite direction of the arrow. This way you can loosen the locking ring easily.

Step 4: Wrap your bike chain on a paper tray

It’s amazing how you can remove the bike band without a chain whip by using your own bike chain as a replacement tool. Bicycle chains have a lot of impressive functions, don’t they? Read more: How to find girls on omegle Grab the bike chain you took off earlier. Place your foot on the side of the bicycle chain that is on the ground. Press firmly on the chain to ensure that the chain does not come loose. Wrap the chain around the bike’s sprocket. Once you’ve done this, you’ll notice that the wheel will rotate against your foot holding the bike chain. This will prevent unwanted and unnecessary movement of the bike band.

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Step 5: Stick the Pliers into the grooves

Now that you’ve placed the tape in a stable position, it’s time to insert the needle-nose pliers into the grooves of the bike tape. Slowly twist the pliers. Note that this method will require extreme endurance, hold on to the spin until you hear a click as the bar teeth of your bike’s lock ring come apart. pliers and give them extra strength while recording You know you’ve successfully loosened the cassette when it makes a shrill noise. You may also notice some notches underneath the lock ring, helping it to stay in place. If you can get someone to help remove the band from your bike, all the better as this bike wheel is known for its rather tight placement on your bike. You will need strength and patience to blow it away.

Pro tip:

Video tutorial

There are many helpful tutorials on YouTube. Watching them can help you remove the tape box on your bike without worry. Check out one of my favorite video enhancements highlighting the easy removal of the tape cartridge. The guy in the video also talks about the Stapler, which is the most ideal simple tool to use. It’s worth checking back.


So how is the tutorial on how to remove the bike tape without special tools? Learning how to unbuckle a bike without special tools is a useful skill to practice. You can save a lot from shopping costs. However, be warned, if you do not follow the steps carefully, you may end up destroying the device. Let us know your experience in the comments section. You can also share this tutorial with your friends if you like. It will help us a lot. Read more: how to rip contacts in half

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