How To Remove A Watch Back Without Notch

Watches have existed for ages. Although they are no longer intended for use in today’s age of rampant smartphones, a good watch is still great value in terms of fashion. So modern watches use battery-powered mechanics with a sleek, smooth look that, although this makes fashion sense, becomes an issue when you have to replace the battery or get it repaired. something inside. More often than not, today’s watches don’t have a notch, raised lip, or pry area. Fortunately, most watches have a height difference between the case back and the watch case. You can exploit this difference to open the watch without the notch on the back.


How to open your watch

For most watches, you will only need a 6-inch woodworker’s clip, a sharp knife, a piece of cloth, and a table. You want a clamp with padded ends, but any clap will do. You will just need to take extra precautions so as not to damage the watch. Alternatively, a small kitchen knife will also work if you don’t have a razor blade. After wrapping the cloth around the three sides of the watch, you can place it in the clip on the table. You want the meter to lie perpendicular to the clamp and the table with the contact side facing up. The watch should be loose but firm as you tighten the clamp around so as not to break the crystal. There should be just enough room for the watch to unfold. Once the watch is secured, you can then use a knife to pry the back of the watch off. You do this by inserting the edge into the break between the back and the case. With your fingers on the knife, gently press the knife down with the palm of your hand. With enough pressure, the back will separate from the case. When that happens, you can remove the watch from the clamp and use a knife to pry the back of the watch.

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Other methods you can try

The above method will work with most watches with or without a groove. However, you can still open a few watch styles even if you don’t have a good knife. Here are some methods by which you can try removing the back from your watch.

Use your thumbnails

Read more: how to make your own trackpad For simple, inexpensive watches, your thumbnail is the perfect tool. The only real drawback is that the watch cannot have a screw that holds the back to the case. If the watch has a dent in the hinge, you should focus on that. If not, you can use any point on the back that you can reach. Either way, you do this by pressing your nail into the crack and trying to pry it open. The watch should be in your other hand while you do this and should never try too hard to avoid breaking the nail. With pressure and patience, the back will come out of the watch. If the back side does not come off easily, you should try another method. Otherwise, you could break both the thumb and the watch.

Using a rubber ball on a screw-down watch

Using a rubber ball on a screw-down watchSource: If the watch uses a screw-down design, you can simply use a rubber ball to remove it. You will need a soft, flexible, and sticky rubber ball. You can even use back tension for this purpose. Coupled with the fact that the ball isn’t made of hard material, it should work. You can even use duct tape wrapped around a tennis ball with the sticky side out if you can’t get the rubber ball. . You can also use a towel as a cushion if you have an expensive or fragile watch. You then apply enough pressure to move the ball relative to the back to create a firm grip. Applying this pressure in steps will prevent accidental damage to the watch. Most watch models will loosen when turned counterclockwise. Thus, you can remove the backside by turning the ball firmly and quickly in that direction. However, you should not use the ball to remove the back. You can use your fingers to actually remove the back safely when it becomes loose enough. The ball will then help you put the back back on the watch by pressing and rotating it clockwise.

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Remove the back of your watch with scissors

Read more: How to clean your scissors If the rubber ball doesn’t have enough grip, a good pair of scissors is a great alternative. Scissors usually have tips that are small enough to reach the back screws of the watch and twist them like a dedicated screwdriver. Just choose scissors with blunt ends to avoid injury to yourself. You want to place the watch on a flat surface that will help you operate it safely with scissors, use a towel to cushion the watch if necessary. Push one of the ends of the open scissors into the crack of the screw as much as you can. With the sturdy end inside the watch, you then rotate the scissors without losing the handle. Then you can use scissors to reverse the method to replace the back. A good precision screwdriver is a good alternative if you can’t hold the scissors enough to apply the proper pressure, or if you don’t want to use scissors on your watch. Most precision screwdrivers are small enough to screw the backs of watches without specialized tools.

You can always go to the watchmaker

The above methods will help you remove the watch back. With the back, you can change the battery or do any troubleshooting. However, these methods can break the back, making it impossible to put it back on the watch, because your fingers can’t apply enough pressure. If this is the case, you will need a case pressure tool designed for your watch. This can cost a lot of money and render these do-it-yourself methods worthless. Professional watchmakers will have the tools needed to remove the case back without damaging the watch. Regardless of the method you choose, you should have no trouble removing the back of your watch. Some methods work better on some styles but not others. So you should always do your research before trying anything. That way, you can keep your watch as original as possible without damaging it or injuring yourself.

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