How To Remove A Stuck Light Bulb Recessed

We recently received a request from a customer to remove a stuck bulb. This is a common thing for many homeowners, so I’m going to share a few methods that can be helpful to keep in mind – suction cups and duct tape. Remember to be careful when you use them, because if you break the bulb, it can be harder to remove.

How to remove a light bulb from a wall outlet

The first step is to make sure that the power is turned off. For lights or other lights that you can unplug, do that. For stationary appliances that you cannot unplug, go to the breaker box and turn off the breaker (best solution) or at least turn off the wall switch and stick it in the off position.The second step is to wear gloves and goggles. If the bulb breaks while you’re working on it, you don’t want to get cut with broken glass. Sometimes using rubber dishwashing gloves will improve your grip enough that you can twist the bulb without any extra effort.Last step is to decide on a method to decompress it.If you have a flat-bottom bulb inside fixed to the ceiling, you can use a small suction cup applicator. They can be purchased online or in any home store. This example shows one that can be used with or without an extension for a high ceiling light or a security light bulb. Press the suction cup firmly into the bulb and turn the handle to the left. If the suction cup breaks, try wetting the suction cup and pressing it again to form a tighter seal with the bulb. Another method is to use duct tape (or masking tape) to create a stand. Cut a strip about 8 inches long and place it over the glass as much as you can. Place it on top of both sides of the bulb if you can get it there. Squeeze the tape in the center so it forms a sling down the center of the light an inch or so, then press the rest of the tape against the bulb to create more friction. Now, just turn that tape tab to the left, and you should feel the bulb start to swing out of the socket.Remove light bulbs in wall sockets with duct tapeRead more: How to make good American bulbs If you have a standard pear-shaped bulb, you can still use the same tape to secure the bulb better. First, make sure the bulb cools down by waiting a few minutes after you’ve turned it off. If you can reach around the bulb, cut two strips of duct tape (or wide tape) about 6 inches long. Place a strip on each side, then clip the excess strips together so you have a tab of tape out each side of, hold the tabs and rotate the bulb to the left. You don’t have to squeeze the bulb which reduces the chance of breakage. Wipe the bulb one last time with a towel to make sure there’s no hand sanitizer left on the glass – these oils can shorten lamp life. And be sure to avoid over-squeezing – just make it snug. You don’t want to have to go through all of this again next time. Now turn the power back on and you’re done. If the bulb is broken in the socket or if you can’t get it out, give us a call. We will be happy to help with any electrical questions. Read more: How to access the freeaire cooler controller

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