How to Reduce Parallax Error

The parallax error occurs when the measurement of the length of an object is more/less than the actual length of an object. This is basically an error that occurs due to incorrect positioning of the eye during measurement, especially at an angle from the mark on the device. . That’s because the person will have a direct line of sight. Conversely, a person sitting in the passenger seat will make mistakes in his or her reading. That’s because he/he sits at an angle. Mistakes often occur in school/university practice exams. In this article, we will discuss several ways through which parallax error can be minimized in the best possible way.Orientation of the right eye on a straight line This is the most obvious of all the precautions that should be taken to limit the parallax error in the best possible way: Your eye should be in a straight line directly above the marker on the device. your scale, be it a Vernier scale or caliper, etc. Like we said before, parallax error mainly occurs because the object is viewed from an angle. This causes the measured object to appear at a different location from the actual location.fff91521a80f3c2730b082ebe89ade0a 1Source- WikiPlace the measuring device on its edgeYou should always place the device (the device you are using to measure) on the edge of the device so that it is level with the object being measured. that’s because the line of sight is at an angle to the marker line.Use a sharp deviceTry to use a device with smoother edges. A wider edge is part of the problem by allowing for larger parallax errors. The object will appear higher or lower than the actual position.Read the lower meniscus of the liquid for an accurate measurementWhile measuring the level of any liquid in a graduated cylinder, you will have to take a reading of the lower meniscus (that is, the lower part of the curved surface of the liquid). This will allow for precise measurements, avoiding parallax errors. time.Take the average of the readingsThe average of multiple readings will more or less give you an accurate reading. You can ask your partner to take the same measurement. Record readings. Take the average of the same value and you will find the result will be much closer to the result of the actual measurement. The standard error is a form of random error. Therefore, it can be limited to a certain extent by taking the readings at random and calculating the mean of the same.

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