How To Recover Email After Deleted Windows Live Mail Account

Emails from your Windows Live Account can disappear due to a number of reasons, including users deleting emails intentionally/unintentionally or the latest Windows update messing up files and folders once in a while. again. as long as the files are in a recoverable state. In this article, we show you how to recover deleted email from Windows Live Mail account. Read: how to recover email after deleting live mail account on windows If you are looking for a faster and simpler solution, you can use CCleaner. With CCleaner, you can automatically recover your lost emails with the push of a button. So, if you don’t want to follow the steps below, you should definitely give CCleaner a try.

How to recover deleted email in Windows Live Mail?


1. Restore previous version

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  • Open File Explorer and navigate to the following location: C: UsersusernameAppDataLocalMicrosoft
  • In the above command, replace account name with the account name.
  • Scroll down and find Windows Live Mail folder.
  • Right click on the Windows Live Mail folder and select Restore previous version. This will Windows Live Mail properties window.
  • inside Previous versions click Restore button.
  • Windows will scan the system and initiate the recovery process.
  • Recovery may take a few minutes to find and recover deleted emails from Windows Live Mail account.
  • Make sure you leave the computer idle during this process.
  • Once the restore is complete, follow the on-screen instructions and reboot the system when it’s done.
  • Launch Windows Live Mail and check if your deleted emails are recovered.
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    2. Restore folders with Compact View

    recover deleted emails from Windows Live Mail

  • Start the Windows Live Mail application.
  • Click View on the taskbar.
  • Option Compact View. This will collapse all the Windows Live Mail folders listed, and a green sign with a plus sign will appear below them.
  • Click on the green more Icon. This will open a new window and you will see all the Windows Live Mail folders including the deleted ones.
  • Check the folders you want to restore and click ALRIGHT.
  • Once the folders have been imported, click View.
  • Choose Compact view option again.
  • Now you will see all recovered email folders.
  • Check your email account to see if the emails are recovered.
  • 3. Use the Import feature

    recover deleted emails from Windows Live Mail

  • Press Windows key + CHEAP to open Run.
  • Type %program data% and click ALRIGHT. This will open the Local Data folder.
  • Once there, navigate to the following location: AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows Live Mail AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindows Live Mail
  • Your Live Mail account folder should be in one of these folders.
  • Copy everything and create a new folder on the Desktop. Rename the new folder to Backup direct mail.
  • Open Windows Live Mail.
  • Click File and choose Enter message.
  • Option Windows Live Mail options and click Next.
  • Click Browse and navigate to the folder containing your backup.
  • Click on the backup file and click Next.
  • Click Next again.
  • Windows Live Mail will display a success message if the emails are recovered successfully.
  • Click End and restart Windows Live Mail.
  • Check if deleted emails are recovered or not.
  • Read more: Z-Crystal Location Depending on what actions you took after deleting the email, you can try to recover deleted emails from the Windows Live Mail app using the steps listed in the article write this. email after updating Windows. Check out the links below that can help you secure your email and email accounts. If you have any other questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to check them out.READ ALSO:Read more: how to get your ex-girlfriend to chase you

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