How to Raise the Handlebars on a Child’s Bike?

Video How to improve the handlebars of children’s bicyclesIs your child a little uncomfortable by the height of the handlebars? As a parent, it’s time to prioritize your child’s comfort and adjust the steering to avoid unwanted accidents. target. Stay tuned for everything from the tools to the actual workflow. Knowing how to raise the handlebars on your child’s bike can take your child’s comfort to the next level. Find the right tool You will have to remove, adjust, and tighten the handlebars back into place. For this section, I will introduce the tool you need to solve the problem at hand, and it is one of the following. The difference lies in the type of nut included in your bike.

  • Allen wrench – you can easily find this wrench in your home toolbox. It will be useful when you are about to deal with a lowered hexagon socket.

If your kid’s bike doesn’t have a hex socket, you’ll most likely need one:

  • Adjustable rental – an adjustable rental is used for a protruding nut on your bike’s handlebars.

Pro tip: I recommend making sure you have the right tool size and that your Allen wrench fits completely into the hexagon socket for it to work smoothly and properly.

Raise the handlebars


Can I raise the handlebars on my bike?Now let’s get to the real work of raising your child’s handlebars. I keep the steps easy and simple, so you won’t have any trouble following this technical process.

Step 1: Unscrew the center bolt or nut a few turns

Provided you’ve found all the tools you need to start making your child’s ride more comfortable, the next thing to do is determine what type of bolt or nut the bike has and loosen it. it using the appropriate tools. -middle part of the bike body. This handlebar center usually comes with a nut which you should look at, if the nut is protruding you will have to use an adjustable nut. However, for hexagon sockets with countersunk bolts, I strongly recommend using an Allen key or what’s known as an Allen wrench. Tighten the bolt with a multi-turn tool until you notice the nut is loose. However, do not take it off! Read more: how to clean golf gloves

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Step 2: Pull the Joystick in the upward direction

For the next step, you need to pull the handlebars of the bike up meticulously until your kid gets the desired height to use. You can pedal the front wheel of the bike with the strength of your foot, this way you can easily lift the handlebars without any worries.Pro tip: Do this step slowly and avoid pulling hard or immediately to avoid damage to the vehicle.

Step 3: Re-align or rotate the handlebar body

While this step is optional for some, I still recommend re-aligning and rotating the handlebars. Why do we need to re-align? Well, the answer is very simple. Aligning the handlebars ensures proper orientation, especially since the bike may have gone sideways during the first pass. Like the second step, you must also do this step carefully and firmly to prevent the bike’s handlebars from pulling out.

Step 4: Align the Bicycle’s Handlebar with the Saddle

The next thing that you should align the handlebars with is the saddle. Note that the handlebars can be above, level with, or just below the saddle. This is an important adjustment because improperly adjusted fingers and wrists will be subjected to more load. This can be dangerous when cycling on rough roads or trails. park. Usually, handlebars under the saddle are purposefully designed for racing purposes. A little above the saddle is a comfortable position for recreational cycling, such as a ride in the park. However, you should not want the bodywork to be too high as it often causes your child to lean backwards, affecting their stability and causing back strain. When sitting on the bicycle saddle, the baby can put their feet on the ground. video to enhance your knowledge of this particular tuning. Read more: how to keep woodpeckers away from cedar Since we are adjusting the handlebars, I wanted to share with you this simple tip on the proper way to raise the handlebars on the Threadless Headset Body, this can be helpful if your kid’s bike has this particular design. You will rarely see a threadless handlebar allowing variations as there is no extra slack beyond what you see. However, raising or lowering is still possible to the extent possible, to do this you will have to first loosen the body cap, which is standard procedure with all handlebars. You can then add or remove pads. Out of buffer is a common problem. However, you can always buy more at your local accessories store.Pro tip: When we adjust our child’s handlebar height, we are always looking for the right comfort and posture for our child. As a parent, I always make sure that my child feels comfortable while riding. This will help him appreciate that cycling is a pleasure. I also noticed that posture. We all know that bad posture often gets us into trouble with our bodies from time to time. And we all don’t want our kids to suffer. That’s why I always make sure that my child has the proper posture when riding a bike.

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Step 5: Tighten the bike’s handlebars

Finish by twisting the joints to secure the bike handlebars firmly and without causing it to wobble. Also, make sure the position of the bell is correct and your child can get on and off the bike without worry. Does the child sag or not? When you don’t see your child sag on the bike ride, they’re more likely to be satisfied with the height of the handlebars.Pro tip: Find the smallest insertion mark on your child’s handlebars. Make sure this line is inside the body when adjusting the handlebars.


And that’s it! Now you have successfully adjusted and raised your child’s bike handlebars, threaded or not. Your child will surely thank you for making his trip more comfortable and safer. Did you like this easy and simple tutorial? What was your experience while tuning? Share it in the comments. We are happy to know that! Read more: How much mora increase to level 80

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