How To Raid In Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans has a lot of moving parts, from designing bases to upgrading your buildings, joining and joining a Clan, but perhaps the most important part of the game, if you’re trying to play develop your village and become stronger, are raiding. But ambushes can be a bit intimidating for a beginner, and if you’re just starting out it’s very possible to waste time and elixir chasing the wrong target or using your troops poorly. make sure you’ve done a few levels of the single player campaign – Goblin. Here are some tips and tricks for starting Clashers to get you started on the raid.

Don’t be afraid to hit next!


This is probably the first thing you need to learn about raiding, and a technique that will save you the most frustration. As with so many things in life, patience is the key to success. Yes, continuing to look past enemy villages costs gold, but it’s totally worth it to skip villages that are too difficult or offer too little for resource rewards. The gold you spend looking for will completely pay for itself. Read more: how to make a cowl neck jacket You don’t have much time to look at other villages, but here are the things you should look for when looking for your next target:

  • Where are the resources? You can have a look at the available numbers in the upper right corner, but check out the visual stats on their collection – if all their resources are stored in a well protected collection, this may not be the right target. (See below for an example of a full collection vs an empty collection)resized 7438178a338eacab1f7392b4c3faeb78
  • Are resource collectors and/or repositories exposed? There’s no reason to be a hero when attacking. There is no shame in waiting for an easy target.
  • Are there tombstones on the map? If the player hasn’t returned since being attacked, their trap may still be released, making it easy
  • Does the base look rushed? If there are low level defenses, unfinished walls and other signs that a player has rushed to the next TH level without fully upgrading, you can be sure that their defense will not achieved (eg the base below of a very quickly rushed TH).cac2dd1fd7314f40b8a17b8800e951e5
  • Has the defense system been upgraded? Especially with lower level bases, if you can catch one while the mortar or wizard tower is being upgraded you have a good chance of getting two or three stars while it is very difficult to pass a base.
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Raid goes both ways

c076dabbc88476dcce1b5cbe80147308Let’s face it – you’ll be raided. This can be a big hit if you’re hoarding resources for upgrades, but there are ways to ensure that you don’t take too much of a hit from the inevitable raid. Make sure you are thinking about the following when you start ambushing in earnest

  • Cut down on your spending before going offline – whether you’re going to bed, commuting to work, or just getting ready to unplug for a while, try to spend as much as you can. Especially when you get to a higher TH level, you should let a builder freely use it on the wall.
  • Build a smart base. You don’t have to have the perfect layout, you just need to make your prospect after finding your resource unattractive. Upgrade your walls and defenses and keep your storages somewhere safe.
  • Take your revenge! After being attacked, you have a golden opportunity to attack the attacker again. You can’t always effectively hit back, but you have a huge advantage – as long as you want to look at their base. Adjust your troops to take advantage of their weaknesses and reclaim your resources.


resized c076dabbc88476dcce1b5cbe80147308Read more: Warframe Nano Spores Farm 2021 | Top Q&A doesn’t matter if you hit a large mass during a raid if you spent more than you collected on the pieces you used or if you spent hours training, setting up Plan and execute the attack. There are so many easy things you can do to improve your efficiency – you don’t need spreadsheets or anything, just a little knowledge and preparation.

  • Know how much your troops cost. Pay attention to the elixir costs for your troops and make sure you’re getting what they’re worth. Otherwise, you may need to adjust your troop composition or seek out more complex objectives. Also, keep some in reserve if less are 50% killable and get the resources you need – you don’t have to spend your entire army on each attack.
  • Line up. Even if your camp can’t accommodate them, you can line up an entire barracks. If you start a raid with troops in the queue, you’ll start training while you’re attacking. (This can also be a really clever way to safely store Elixir)
  • Use your time wisely. It is better to use your time to hit three small goals with 30k quickly than to spend that time hitting one big goal with 100k. If you don’t find nice big targets feel free to pick smaller ones using less/cheaper troops for a while.
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Know your army

5a742a283f1c37f05071f955bce1a65bOver time you will find out which type of layout is right for you, but there are some tried and true army layouts that are inexpensive, proven, and effective. Try these if you have problems:

  • Barch: Barbarians and Archers. The composition varies anywhere from 25 to 50% savage, so feel free to tinker with the numbers. The strategy is simple – use barbarians to deal damage and archers to take out collectors and hoarders. This composition sometimes includes wall panels if you need to hit the first layer.
  • BAM: barbarians, archers and minions. A slightly more advanced component, this isn’t necessarily more efficient than Barching, but it does have the advantage of being very fast, as you can have multiple barracks active at the same time. Good for quick farming and easy target killing.
  • Giants + Healers: There’s no convenient name for this, but this strategy opens up at T6 and is great for destroying bases, but slower than Barchers or Goblins. If you need to completely squeeze every last drop of a raid, this will do the trick, at least for a while.resized 5a742a283f1c37f05071f955bce1a65b
  • Loonions: For advanced players, Balloons and Minions are a great raiding component, but you need to have highly upgraded versions of each before it takes effect.
  • Mass Dragons: When you really need to level the base. Not recommended for occasional raids, but if you have a goal of juicy revenge, this might be the right thing to do.

Feel free to mix and match. Throwing giants in with your Barcher or mixing in some goblins here and there can be very effective. There are so many options available to you, so experiment, see what works and have fun! Read more: How to start college

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