How To Put On A Pool Cover By Yourself

If you’ve ever tried to cover an above ground pool alone, you know it can be frustrating. Without another person, or just a tall enough adult, to help you, it can be a long and difficult process. It can also be unsafe to get into the pool when you are trying to keep the lid on and alone. So you need a hack that can help you add covers without getting wet. Here are our best tips.

DIY pool cover

Read more: How to represent the sp-hypothetical law There are two main techniques we’ve discovered that people have used to cover their pools on their own. Here they are:

  • Pole method: You should have a long pole to hold the brush with which you clean the pool. You can use this pole to place on the board if the pole can safely hold the weight of the board without breaking and is longer than the width of the pool. To use this method, lay your board flat on the ground next to the pool. Attach the pole to one edge of the cover plate. You can use lanyards or zip ties to attach the pole to the grommets of the cover. You should now be able to lift the entire cover over the pool just by lifting the pole. Pull the cap forward and switch sides a few times so that it enters the pool securely.
  • Hanging method: The hook method is a bit more difficult than the pole method. Pick up some small clip-on coat hangers. Use them to clamp the edge of the pool cover to the edge of the pool. Clamp one side, run the hanger behind one of the pool’s support posts, and then clip the other side. This will keep this small section of the cover in place while you open the next section. Once the cover is on, you can secure the cover with its lanyards and then remove the hangers.
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Above ground swimming pool in the backyard

Our pool covers

Read more: how to use a trouser suit Leisure Industries offers a variety of covers for above-ground pools: ● Leaf nets: These thin nets are perfect for above-ground pools and because they’re lightweight so you can usually take them on your own pool. ● Standard cap: The standard lid is a bit thicker, but still light enough to carry on your own. ● Safety covers: You may not be able to get your own pool safety covers, but they are the safest option for your pool. With the right supplies, you can make your own pool cover ready for winter! If you need assistance or want to learn more about pool maintenance and how to cover your pool, give our team at Leisure Industries a call today! Read more: How to do the mirror reflection trick

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