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Tired of listening to the radio in the car, no music during sports sessions to motivate you? Surely you should know that mobile phones are fully capable of storing music or video content and your phone will replace the old MP3 player of the time. Therefore, in this article, we will explore How to put music on your Google Pixel 4a? With this in mind, to begin with, we are going to explore the various most popular techniques for using a computer to transfer music to your Google Pixel 4a. Then in the second step we will see how it is possible to have them live on all your Android devices.Read: how to put music on pixels

How do I play music on my Google Pixel 4a using my computer?


Read more: how to get chaos so we start our little profile by exploring different ways for you transfer music to Google Pixel 4a from computer. This is the classic practice that most people use. In fact, it’s much easier to download music to your computer than it is from your phone. First, we will explain the technique through the USB port, then, how to do it wirelessly. In case you have never been instructed on how to connect your Google Pixel 4a to your computer, please see our article.

How to put music over USB on your Google Pixel 4a?

As you can imagine, the first thing to do is connect your Google Pixel 4a to your computer so you can play music on it. Follow the instructions below to perform the procedure correctly:

  • Connect your Google Pixel 4a with a USB cable to your computer.
  • On your phone’s notification bar, confirm the file transfer authorization.
  • On your computer, go to »Computer“, then in the tab of your Google Pixel 4a, create a folder in which you will put the music you want to transfer.
  • Go to the folder where the music is saved on your PC, then use a simple copy/paste in the destination folder where you’ll be performing the transfer.
  • All you have to do is wait for the transfer time, which can be longer or shorter depending on the number and size of the files.
  • Check if the music is clearly visible in the destination folder, you can now unplug the Google Pixel 4a from the computer.
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How to transfer music to your Google Pixel 4a via Bluetooth?

Now we present you the second option, you either don’t have an arbitrary USB cable or you’d rather continue using your Google Pixel 4a than plug it in in the process. Note that the same process can be done in Bluetooth, just be aware that it takes longer to play music on your Google Pixel 4a using a wireless connection like Bluetooth. To connect two peripherals, you will have to go through the menu » Peripherals From your computer. If you don’t know how to pair Google Pixel 4a with computer via Bluetooth, see our article on how to connect Google Pixel 4a to computer. Read more: how to prevent your jeans from tearing in the inner thighs Once connected, all you have to do is follow a few guidelines:

  • On your computer, go to »Get Started“> ”Specifications“> ”Peripheral Devices“> ”Bluetooth and other devices” (in French).
  • In the parameters of this menu, select » Send or receive files “(By French).
  • Click “Upload File”, Then select your Google Pixel 4a as the target device. Finally, click on the »Next” page (in French).
  • Now you do it with the button “Search with” You can select the music you want to send via Bluetooth to your Google Pixel 4a. Once selected, click »Open” > “Next page” > “finish” (in French).
  • Accept the submission on your Google Pixel 4a and wait for the transfer to complete.

How to play music on your Google Pixel 4a with Google Play Music?

To end this tutorial, in case you are not able to connect your Google Pixel 4a to your computer to put your music in it, there is now a particularly accessible technique to recover all your favorite music on your Android phone. friend. This technique is a bit more complicated but does not require any connection between your computer and your Google Pixel 4a. It also has the strong advantage of allowing you to listen to all your music, no matter what Android device you’re using. You still need to use the Google Chrome browser on your computer. You’ll actually import your music into an online library that’s accessible anywhere:

  • Make sure Google Chrome is up to date, then download and install Google Play Music for Chrome.
  • From your browser, after signing in to the same Google account as the one associated with your Google Pixel 4a, go to the Google Play Music web player.
  • Under “Menu”, click the “Import Music” page (in French).
  • Select and transfer from your computer all the music you want to include in your Google Pixel 4a.
  • Confirm operation.
  • Go to the app now Google Play Music on your Google Pixel 4a to retrieve all your music from the app library.
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