How To Put In Fairy Hair Without Tool

Whatever you call it blond hair or hair glitter or glitter hairPlacing these glittery strands is easier than you think, once you get the hang of it. The fairy hair trend has been around for a while. I’ve seen it in both kids and adults, and it’s a lot of fun, no matter what age you are. We’ve shared cool hair projects before, such as the Kool Aid Hair Dye Tutorial, but we really enjoyed this tutorial due to the non-permanent, non-damaging nature of the glitter. .The links in this post may be affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you make a purchase from any of them at no extra cost to you. You can find out more information by reading my full disclaimer.

What Is Toc Tien?


Fairy hairs are tiny, shiny, or shiny strands of hair that can be woven into the base of your hair. Hair fibers can last for two to eight weeks and only fall out when your normal hair is. It can fit into your regular brushing, washing and even drying or curling routine. Braids are great for holidays, parties and other festivals, but we think it’s fun for every day too!

Where is Toc Tien?

You can have fairy hair at many salons, but it’s actually very easy to do at home. It only takes a few minutes to learn how to install and once you’ve mastered it, you can have fun with tinsel any time. Most salons start at as little as $20 for just 5 to 10 fairy hairs! Doing it yourself will save a lot of money. While I haven’t seen tinsel available in stores, it is available on Amazon. We ordered AMchoice Hair Tinsel. The kit comes with 2400 yarns in 16 colors, so there’s no shortage of fun colors to use. It also includes a tool to use for installation, but we found it easier to do it manually. Each strand is 48 inches long. If you have shorter hair, you can cut them in half and have even more to use.

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What you need

You don’t need a lot of supplies to make fairy hair, just a few basic things you can already have around the house and glitter.Toc Tien in the packageMunition:

  • Hair glitter
  • A good removable brush
  • Mouse tail comb
  • Hairclip
  • Scissors

Fairy hair is best suited for hair that is at least 2 inches long, as it is really difficult to attach to super short hair. You can leave fairy hair for children of any age. As long as children can sit still to put their hair up, fairy hair can be obtained, but be aware that fairy hair may not last as long on children as they tend to lose more hair than adults.

How to put a hair band

Read more: How to remove highlights in the google docs Glitter is very simple and takes only a few seconds to attach once you’ve mastered the technique. Braids usually last two to eight weeks, but I’ve heard of some hairs that can last up to two years! You’ll want to start with clean, dry, and well-combed hair. You really want to get rid of those tangles BEFORE applying glitter to your hair. Do you want just a few points of sparkle on your face or do you want sparkles everywhere? If necessary, you want to tie up the fairy’s hair by using a hairpin to hold another section of hair if needed. Half, find the midpoint. Cross the ends of the strand of hair to form a loop. Pull the circle at the cross point between your thumb and forefinger Now thread your fingers through the circle and grab the tail of the hair that is crossed over the tip of the other strand and pull it into your loop, form another loop. Complete the button by pulling up on the ring until it closes. You can tie your slip knot by pulling the end of the yarn you pulled into a loop. Loosen up by looping.Studio Knit has a great post with photos and videos on how to slip knots that are really helpful with this process.add glitter to a strand of hairNow thread a few strands of hair (3 to 5 strands for fine hair or 1 to 2 strands for thick hair) through the loop of the slipknot. Tighten the slide knot and move the circle as close to the base of the hair as possible. We found it helpful to ask the fairy hairdresser to place a finger over the strand of hair to keep it there while we finished attaching. Now take the strand and hair glitter and tie it two or three times. Work with as many curls as you like, spread evenly over hair, to finish, trim a strand of hair to the same length as the surrounding hair.Fairy hair on a brunetteIt takes a few tries to really get the hang of it, but by the 5th or 6th yarn you’ll have figured out the process and will be able to put them in quickly.

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Useful hair tie tips

If the glitter is sliding down your hair and doesn’t seem to want to hold, add a little dry shampoo to the roots for extra volume. That will keep it from moving. Want your fairy hair to last as long as possible? Add a little bit of eyelash glue to the button to secure the hair. Be gentler when brushing your hair to avoid pulling the glitter out and try not to get too tangled up to avoid having to tug on the fairy’s hair to mess it up. Pay attention to the heat limits for the brand of tinsel you use. Some brands are rated to have a higher heat dissipation capacity than others. We used the lowest setting to apply any kind of heat like a flat iron, curler or blow dryer to our fairy hair.

How to remove fairy hair

Fairy hair is fun but you may not want to keep it forever, if you want to get rid of fairy hair, you can just pull it out. Most of the time, it will pull the hairs it’s attached to, and that can be a little painful. You can always remove the fairy hair by cutting it off.fairy hair 7Red and blue fairy hair on dark brown hairWe’ve noticed that some hairs last longer than others, and some fall out the first night they sleep. But since we have so many yarns on hand, it’s easy to replace them and move on. skills apply the first few strands. The ones that we put in after I noticed it have been around much longer. They styled their hair daily and even went through a few washes! We’ll update the post when we know what their total lifespan is. Do you love fairy hair like us? It’s a fun way to add some sparkle to your look. Have you tried fairy hair yet? Let us know about it in the comments! Read more: how to clean a shoe brush

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Toc Tien: How to Put a Hair Necklace at Home

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