How To Put A Chain Back On A Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is not an easy sport. You climb steep paths for hours at the end and descend through narrow and seemingly impassable trails dotted with slippery roots and jagged rocks. Many people will think that a mountain bike cannot handle all the stress that you and Mother Nature put on it. But it is possible! But there will be times when the chain will suddenly slip out of the drivetrain. You can usually put it back. And sometimes, you need to replace with a new one. This is just the content of this article. Here, we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to reassemble a chain on a mountain bike – right way.

Returns a missed string


This is a simple problem that can be easily fixed. However, you need to do this carefully, as this can peel off some of the paint or damage a part if done wrong.

Step 1: Locate the chain that slipped

Look for where your necklace came off so you know how to take care of it. It usually comes out on the rear sprocket or crank chain.

Step 2: Remove the loose chain

Sometimes the chain gets wrapped around the rear wheel or on the frame of your mountain bike. Loosen the rear wheel or the area on your bike where the chain is engaged. Loosening the chain that is not tight can damage the wheel. It might even scratch the paint from your frame, which you certainly don’t want to happen, right?

Step 3: Return the slipped string to its original position

Read more: how to use incense to clean crystals Loosen the chain and then push the derailleur pulley behind. This allows you to return the chain to its proper place. Rotate by turning the pedal and pressing the gear lever at the same time. This allows you to see if it changed properly or if it needs adjustment.

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When to replace your old mountain bike chain

Re-leashing your mountain bike is the first thing you’ll do. But you should also check it first and see if it’s worn out. If so, it’s best to replace it with a new chain. Wearing a worn chain can damage your drivetrain if it is overstretched. You can even get injured if the chain breaks while pedaling.Related: What to look for when buying a used mountain bike

Install a new thread

Tools you’ll need

Resetting the chain is a simple task. However, you need the tools to get the job done. Here are the tools you need when installing a new chain:

  • Chain – Make sure that the chain is compatible with your drivetrain for it to run properly. Same brand and transmission range compatibility of the old chain so it runs smoothly.
  • Replacement battery/main link This is the connector that brings both ends of the chain together. This must also be compatible with your necklace so it can fit on it.
  • Chain Cutting Tool – Cutting your new leash is important because it should be at the perfect length. This keeps it from slipping off easily. It also ensures that your powertrain shifts properly.
  • Main link pliers – a dedicated tool that simplifies connecting your master link.

Steps to install a new chain

Step 1: Remove the old thread Disconnect the main link to remove the old thread. You can use the chain cutter to remove a link on the chain if there is no primary link. Shift your gear to the smallest chain ring to make this process easier for you.Step 2: Installing a new chainring There are several methods for getting the correct chain length. The easiest of them is to match the link count of your new chain with the previous one. Then, use a chain cutter to cut off the excess chain. Another method is to attach it to your biggest gear without threading it into your rear derailleur. See where each link meets and add two more to get the correct chain length.Step 3: Attach the chain to your bike Read more: how to remove the foil from the rubber coating Place the rear derailleur on the wheel highest gear and attach your new chain to the smallest cog. Thread it through the back derailleur before linking it together. Step 4: Chain Linking Install the chain pin using a chain tool. This will insert it through the links of your new chain. Then use pliers to remove the excess from the front of the pin.Another method is to reconnect the chain to a master link. This is much easier than the first method. Attach each half of the master link to both ends of the chain and then snap them together using the master link tool.

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Know how to reassemble a chain on a mountain bike is an important thing to learn. Many people will say that you can’t become a true mountain biker if you don’t know how to do it! It sounds silly, but it’s true because you’re not just cycling. You also need to know how to fix it if the worse happens and one of the most common problems you encounter is a broken chain.Conclusion - attach the chain to the mountain bikeHopefully, this article has helped you so that you don’t have to bother your friends with putting the chain back on the next time you ride.Related: Read more: how to edit sound in Sony vegas pro 13

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