How To Protect Paper Without Laminating

Video How to protect paper without lamination Some types of paper are so important you will need to protect them in any way possible. Legal documents, certificates, old photos, vintage maps and paintings, letters and memorabilia – these are the types of papers that people need to be extra careful with. water, dust, dirt, food, liquids, time – about anything that can seriously damage paper beyond recognition. Therefore, it is very important that you know the correct ways to protect the paper. This can be done with the help of a laminating machine or in other ways using a self-adhesive lamination bag, packing tape or synthetic paper. stains, tears, stains, stains or food dust. This is an easy and affordable process that you can even do at home. Here are a few things you can try at home.

Different ways to protect paper without lamination!


1. Waterproof spray

These are clear sprays that create a transparent layer on your paper, keeping them safe from water and other liquids. Waterproof spray can be used on any type of paper and similar materials to ensure they are strong. You can even float paper sprayed with these sprays in water and the paper will remain intact. Waterproof spray – with each spray – provides a thin layer of acrylic or lacquer on your paper or document. Doing this on both sides makes the piece of paper completely waterproof but does not affect the transparency. It is recommended to spray two to three layers on each piece of paper for important documents instead of a single layer.

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2. Wax

Using wax on paper makes it waterproof, and you can use any regular household candle wax for this process. Any white or clear wax candle will do the job; You can easily buy them from your local grocery store. Read more: how to remove stickers on facebook The process is simple: cut the candle into a piece that you can comfortably hold in your hand. Take the piece of paper that you want to keep safe and rub the candle all over it, on both sides. The pressure you need to apply depends on the type of candle wax you are using. For a hard candle you will have to apply more pressure and for a relatively softer candle you will need to apply a little less pressure. Continue rubbing until the piece of paper feels like wax. Any writing or images on the paper will remain visible and legible after waxing, but the paper will become waterproof and spill-resistant.

3. Alum Water, Natural Soap and Beeswax

Alum is a powder that is easily soluble in water; When mixed with water and heated, it turns into a clear liquid. Heating the powder in water for long periods of time turns it into a liquid that you can use to make waterproof paper. This process takes quite a while but has lasting results. You also need to add a few pieces of natural soap, i.e. soap made from natural oils, to the liquid. A good example is Castille soap, which is made from all natural oils and ingredients, after both the powder and the soap have completely dissolved in water and the liquid has been heated for at least a few days. Now, add some beeswax to the liquid. Continue stirring the liquid for several minutes until all the flakes are completely dissolved and become liquid. You can now dip any piece of paper or document into the liquid. The liquid should be hot at this point, but not boiling hot. Keep the paper dipped in the liquid as long as the paper needs to be covered in wax. Pull it up once the wax has covered in the liquid and leave it somewhere dry to cool down. Repeat the process with other pieces of paper that you want to waterproof.

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4. Waterproof paper

If these are not old photos or existing documents that you want to waterproof, you can simply buy waterproof paper for the next time. Waterproof notebooks, special paper, pens and ink – all available for purchase at most stationery stores. You can use them to write, draw or scribble or even print on. Using waterproof pens and ink on these papers and notebooks will make all papers and notebooks waterproof and undamaged. Read more: how to change ig name within 14 days machines.

5. Aquaseal

Just like waterproof spray, Aquaseal is a product that can also protect your paper from water. This product is designed and manufactured for the sole purpose of waterproofing paper and documents. Unlike the spray, Aquaseal is a liquid; it covers papers, documents and photos in a clear waterproof layer, like a transparent coating; This coating makes your paper waterproof. Liquids can only be used for professionally printed pages and documents; If you use it on pages printed at home with an inkjet or laser printer, the ink will run and damage the paper.

6. Shellac and Borax

The combination of pale Shellac, Borax and water can also make your paper waterproof and durable. For this, both ingredients need to be boiled in water, stirring frequently until all ingredients are dissolved and gone. Instead of sifting, you can also use a piece of cheesecloth or felt. The paper(s) you want to make waterproof should be submerged under the liquid, but should also be removed quickly. Too long in the liquid can damage your paper after use, so it is important that you only submerge the paper in water for a few seconds. Dry the paper in the air until it is completely ready.Inference The best way to ensure that your paper is protected from tears, spills, liquids and stains is to laminate them. But if that’s not an option, there are other ways you can waterproof your important documents and papers and avoid water damage.

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