How To Prevent Frost Heave In Concrete Slabs

In northern Utah, damaged concrete often occurs due to a phenomenon known as frost. It’s basically the expansion of the soil due to pressure from the subsurface ice. As the ground freezes, the concrete shifts out of place, increasing as the soil expands. Then, when the ice melts, the rocks sink. This repeated freezing and defrosting action frequently results in cracked and uneven concrete.Learn more about how frost can help you prevent damage. If it happens, remember to repair the damage to the concrete as soon as possible.

Why does Frost Heave happen

Read more: How to light incense Incense burning occurs only when the ground contains enough water, the temperature drops enough to freeze the water and the soil is susceptible to frost. Generally sandy soil, coarse grain is not. susceptible to frost – but that’s not the type of soil commonly found in Salt Lake County and surrounding areas. Our clay has a heavy clay content, making it particularly susceptible to frost.

How to stop Frost Heave

You can’t completely prevent frost damage to concrete, as you can’t control the outside temperature or how many freeze and thaw cycles take place during the winter. However, if you are going to install a new floor slab, you can prepare the area to minimize the possibility of problems. Professional contractors recommend taking one or more proactive steps after installing new concrete:

  • Make sure the water supply line is below the icy line
  • Place foam boards and a layer of crushed stone underneath the slab
  • Add wire or rebar screen for extra support
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How to repair damaged concrete

If your concrete has been damaged by frost, what can you do to fix the problem? You have two options – freeze or replace the plate. Read more: how to proceed on at & tu CauSlabjacking is a quick and simple fix for concrete damage. The repair involved drilling a few small holes in the damaged concrete, then injecting cement mortar into the ground below. This mixture fills the air pockets in the soil, creating pressure and lifting the slab back into place. Once the cracks and boreholes have been filled, the repair is barely noticeable and the concrete is ready for immediate use. On the other hand, replacing concrete is more labor-intensive – and much more expensive. The process involves tearing off damaged panels, then installing fresh concrete. This work can take a few weeks to complete and after that, the slab needs time to cure. So if you choose to demolish and replace the slab, you can expect concrete damage to recur at some point in the future. For all these reasons, slabjacking is a smarter solution – and it’s suitable for most damaged slabs. Price.Lift Right Concrete, a locally owned leader in the crushed stone industry for over ten years, offers free, optional consultations and estimates throughout the Salt City area. Lake is larger and along the Wasatch Front. For more information about our concrete damage repair services, contact our Grantsville or West Jordan office today. How much does it cost?

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