How To Pluck A Chicken By Hand

Your chicken preparation day is fast approaching! All the plans are in place and everything is under control, or so you think! Then a big complication: your plow is back on order, in 3 months! Reading: how to pluck a chicken by handNow what to do? Consider how to pluck by hand: it’s simple, easy to learn and faster than you think!Manual plucking requires hot water and a 5-gallon bucket. It takes 1 minute to scab (at 160 degrees) and 2-3 minutes per bird to pluckWhen we slaughter a few chickens, we pluck the feathers with our hands, even though we have a spur. You can see a few hairs on the tips of the wings, but otherwise they pull out beautifully! We slaughtered our fair share of chicken, both small and large batches. freezer, we definitely use it! But when we’re just butchering a bird or two, we spit it out by hand. Check out my article Cornish Cross vs. Red Ranger Broilers.Meat For A Year deals with a mix of different animals, some of which you may not have, that you can raise to provide your family with a year’s worth of meat.

Key points to pluck chicken feathers by hand


  • 160 degrees water
  • Scald in 1 minute
  • Finished when leg hair is easily removed with the swipe of a thumb

You will need hot water and a 5-gallon bucket.

It is really easy, hot water and a bucket. We use water directly from hot water fireplace at 160 degrees. I know that’s higher than others recommend but this is what works for us! We like the 5-gallon bucket, to be able to completely submerge the bird in hot water. When the whole bird is immersed in the hot water at the same time, the scales float evenly. This means that all the feathers on the bird fall out at the same time. This problem can be easily avoided by use a container that can hold the whole bird and lots of hot water.

Burns are the key to successful epilation!

Pulling feathers is the biggest challenge for a chicken beginner’s mind (after plucking them). That’s understandable, but not the main thing to focus on! What could be more important than plucking? Burns: it’s very important!Doing it right will ruin or break your chicken processing experience! Seriously, a severe burn will take longer than the 2-3 minutes listed above. It won’t peel as well as if you were burned correctly initially, but if you are burned incorrectly it can be exchanged. swipe (see #4 below).

How to beat chicken scales

  • After the bird has stopped bleeding, dip the chicken in a bowl of water.
  • Use a stick to keep the bird underwater.
  • For 30 seconds to 1 minute, push the bird down to swim in the water. You want the bird up and down in the bucket.
  • Check the fluff on the bottom of your feet by Swipe your thumb sideways across the leg hairs.
  • When stroking the feathers with your thumb, remove the bird from the water and pluck the feathers.
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    Swing the bird up and down in the water

    Please Use a stick to keep the bird underwater! This water will burn you, keep away from your hands! The reason to use a stick to swat the bird in the scalding water is to help the water seep into the feathers and into the skin. We want them gone! That’s true, but to get rid of them, we need to loosen the skin! The burn works by the hot water loosening the pores in the skin, it doesn’t really affect the hair at all!

    No preliminary check, foot hair check

    It is often written that you should test for burns by plucking the main feathers (the biggest feathers on the wings).Read more: 10 Simple, Fun & Crazy Hat Ideas That Seem to Loosen Sooner remaining feathers. When the main feather comes out easily, you are getting close, but need to go a little longer.I know that putting soap/detergent in the water to help the scald move through the bristles is recommended by some authors, but we don’t mind. In our experience, that doesn’t seem to make a difference at all. Putting the bird in the water is much more helpful than using soap or detergent. Skip the soap and hit the bird!

    The time it takes to pluck a chicken by hand.

    Once you’ve joined your game, hand plucking chicken feathers will only take you 2-3 minutes each. After the sauna is done, have you checked your leg hair? Place the birdcage with scales or other stable surface at a comfortable height for you to work on.Start with the feathers and move quickly through the rest of the bird. You will probably miss a few feathers the first time you pass the bird, keep moving. You want as much hair out as possible as fast as possible. The bird will cool down and the feathers will not come out easily. Start plucking! Once you’ve completed the initial plucking of the entire bird, most of the feathers should be gone. under the wings and between the legs and body so that the hairs are less visible You may have missed out.

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    With practice, you’ll be able to pluck chickens quickly

    You will be faster as you go. Once you have plucked a few chickens, you will be able to move much faster than the first ones! Seriously, we often pluck by hand. barn, coming back here and all being resumed took longer than just grabbing a bucket of hot water and plucking. Here’s a link to a University of Wyoming article on how to make your own chicken if you want a little more information!goose burns, followed by arm pluckingThis is the goose that we plucked by hand yesterday. It has been scaled and the feathers are ready to be plucked. With waterfowl, hitting birds in scaly water is especially important! You have to get the water through the hair down to the skin.

    You can also manually pluck other birds

    The easiest birds to pluck would be broilers, followed by the hen stew, but you can pluck any bird by hand. All of the benefits listed below apply to all birds you want/need to pluck. Yesterday we just plucked a goose. In case you didn’t know, waterfowl are much more demanding to pluck feathers than broilers, but they can also be done by hand. Again, it all boils down to burning.

    Reasons you should pluck bird feathers by hand

    In fact, there are some really great reasons to pluck by hand:

    • Cut the cost
    • Quick and easy setup
    • Use common items
    • No electricity needed
    • No risk of damage from the cutter
    • Plucker is broken/stopped working

    Reduce costs by manual stripping

    As I wrote above, we have a passion and love it for large litters. But if we’re just starting out, manual plucking is the way to go. That’s a lot of money to part with, especially since as a beginner you don’t know if you’d like to raise your own broilers or not! you leave out for plucker.

    Manual stripping is a quick and easy setup

    Since all you need is hot water, a 5-gallon bucket, and a stable surface for birds, Manual stripper is easy to install and clean!

    To pluck chicken feathers by hand, you use common items that everyone already owns

    Read more: How to Clean Car Windshield Once you really enjoy pecking chickens and you decide to invest in a chicken plucker, super! The best thing about butchering your own birds, it can be done with just a few basic supplies. Hot water and a bucket, now we’re talking easy!

    No electricity needed to pluck by hand

    I know I despise insulation that can be easily obtained any time I want, but I realize that’s not true for everyone. good to go!

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    There is no risk of carcass damage from manual stripping

    If you’ve never used a feather plucker, you might not realize that it can actually chew on a bird. Of course, it doesn’t always happen but we often see this damage happen when we try to run the bird in the machine longer to remove some of the more stubborn feathers. This happens a lot with ducks or birds. is starting to harden. Scratches will begin to tear the skin and dislocate joints on birds that you have kept in the machine for too long.

    Tractor broken / stopped working

    Sadly, we also had this happen! Luckily, we tested the cutter before we started putting the bird inside the cone! We would flip the switch, hear the engine run, but no part of the tractor would move. The good news is that our son is very talented in mechanics. He built the part we needed (among several truck parts) and fixed the cut. It still works fine.

    Man has been ordered back, you good!

    The main reason I’m writing this is because while I was reading one of the online groups I’m joining, this one about feeding your own food, another girl wrote asking for help/advice. thought. weeks (it’s the end of June now) and the bad guys won’t show up until September! Sorry! She is a beginner and has ordered the butcher to make her first slaughter chickens a little smoother. soon, whenever she has some spare time, to get through the group of 25. Close to their scheduled slaughter date.

    Try pulling your hand

    I know plucking by hand can seem a bit intimidating at first, especially if your plan is to have an epilator help you! Don’t worry, plucking by hand is actually easier than you think. , you just need to practice yourself a little bit! Focus on the burn, splash the bird in the water, check the leg feathers and you’re good to go! Read more: how to play g on the piano

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