How to play Moira: Overwatch strategy, tips, and tricks

Moira O’Deorain is a brilliant scientist who has spent most of his career in Overwatch’s Blackwatch division. Intelligence is often seen as a gift, but Moira has proven time and time again that she is willing to go any length of time to make a breakthrough in her field. years after the demise of Overwatch. Now that she doesn’t have to be bound by moral limits, she’s stepped onto the battlefield as Overwatch’s 26th hero.

“One hand gives, the other takes away”


Visual via Blizzard EntertainmentMoira is a support hero and a healer, but her entire kit is based on duality. She heals from her left hand and deals damage from her right hand. She needs to deal damage to continue healing. Deals damage also has a lifesteal, so she can heal herself. All her abilities work together and learning to handle her give and take is what makes all the difference in mastering her. yellow bio heal heals targets in front of her within 15 meters. The healing will be excessively penetrating, so she can heal multiple allies at once, at around 70 healing per second. When the ability is drained, she can no longer heal. It will slowly regenerate over time, but the best way to “recharge” her healing is to deal damage. Oira’s Alternate Flame deals damage in a bolt that locks onto the target at a maximum range of about 21 meters. It works like Symmetra’s beam, but you have to keep it on target for it to work. Doing so deals 50 damage per second and also heals Moira for 20 health per second, also replenishing her healing ray. Her healing runs out quickly, so dealing damage between healing allies is absolutely essential. Her alternate flame has no cooldown, so you won’t be penalized for taking damage whenever possible.

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“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”

4da0ca31 7602 4286 984d bee82e485437Arguably Moira’s most important ability, though, is the Biotic Orb. When this skill is used, Moira will raise both hands and you can choose between a healing orb that deals damage. Both are strong, throwing a damage orb near an enemy slows the enemy and allows it to destroy their health at a rate of 50 damage per second or until dealing 200 total damage. The healing orb works in a similar way, but it heals at 65 per second or until the target heals for 300 max health. own health and complement your healing powers. It has a number of uses, including working well in one-on-one encounters, when thrown at enemies, and combined with her alternate flame. It will keep teammates on top when they fight, especially if you supplement it with her primary heal. The orb can also allow Moira to heal herself if thrown at her leg or at a nearby wall if she is less than full health. Throwing an orb in the room deals quick damage to several targets. The same can be said of healing your teammates if they are grouped. oira’s ultimate skill, Fade, is a teleport that grants her 150% movement speed and allows her to disappear for a short time leaving her unharmed. . This skill has a short cooldown of six seconds and is very useful in getting Moira out of difficult situations — or just to move quickly.

“Submit to my will”

777d5787 e558 4927 b594 e2378231d9eaImage via Blizzard Entertainment Mura’s first is Coalescence, a powerful beam of energy that can heal and deal damage simultaneously. It deals 70 damage per second but heals for 140 health per second, as well as 50 health per second when self-healing. This skill lasts for 8 seconds, this ultimate charges quickly, so don’t be afraid to use it or try to save it for a last second magic push. Since it heals more than it does damage, Coalescence is useful in target skirmishes as it will do two things. Read more: how to overcome the dragon in dark souls 3 as opposed to trying to kill the enemy. But if you can do both at the same time, go for it. However, enemies with low health should be prioritized because if they are being healed, it is difficult for Moira to finish them off. It’s not a game-changing ult like Zenyatta’s Transcendence or Lucio’s Sound Barrier, but it can certainly turn the tide if used properly.

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1b3737fd e2ef 483e 8925 8aee1ec29ac6Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Against strong

Reinhardt and OrisaBiotic Orb will go through their shields, meaning Moira will ignore their strongest points and can both heal and deal damage, regardless of whether she’s blocked or not. at a safe distance, and then combine his abilities to heal teammates trapped inside.

Weak for

The D.VaDefense Matrix is ​​an absolute nightmare for Moira as it will eat up her Biotic Orb and effectively take away one of the most important parts of her kit. can outstrip Moira’s abilities (Roadhog’s hook and Pharah’s rocket), making her difficult to deal with in some situations. HP Hero. But anyone who is far away can pick her up easily. Life is all about give and take, and so is Moira. Give health to your teammates and take it from enemies. Combine the two to master the insidious scientist and become the healing and damage combo your team may need.

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