How To Play Hard To Get Through Text Messages

Let him text you back with these 10 texting rules Texting is the most common way we communicate in today’s society. Not only does it help us send and receive messages quickly, but it also changes the way we get to know someone or even date them. Texting can be complicated and difficult when it comes to clear lines of communication. Often, the tone can get lost and we tend to take it personally if we don’t get a response from someone in the appropriate amount of time. All of these feelings seem to be especially true when texting with someone you like. Unanswered texts are one of the biggest complaints I hear from friends when it comes to dating in the digital age. you guys to text back? Look, I’m not saying I have the answers, but I do know that the simple “rules” I set for myself make communication easy, fun, and unobtrusive. by “what if yes”.

  • Play hard to get: Don’t reply quickly. Give him some time to wonder what you’re up to. Take a shower, reply to an email, or watch an episode of your favorite TV show. I know it’s easier said than done, but give it a try!
  • Have your own thing: You had a life before you met and you still are. Remember what your interests and passions are – focus on them. This not only gives you your own activities to enjoy but also something else you bring to you. You never want to appear needy or as if you have nothing else to do.
  • Keep the message even: You don’t want to bombard him with text messages. If he texts you one thing, don’t reply back with 4 separate texts. If it’s important, pick up the phone.
  • Keep it interesting: Text messaging is not a place where you should fight or share personal and important information. Instead, send funny videos or memes that create a joke between the two of you. Who doesn’t love someone who makes them laugh?!
  • Flirt: If you like the guy let him know. I’m not saying send him inappropriate texts or photos, but make it clear how you feel about him.
  • Talking about his hobbies: Guys love it when the girl they’re dating is also interested in the things they like. Even if it’s not your favorite thing in the world, let him know that you listen to him when he talks about his interests. At the very least, you want to learn about his hobbies so you can understand why it’s important to him.
  • Do not escalate: There are many ways to find out what someone is up to these days. If he hasn’t texted you back yet, but likes an Instagram photo, don’t take it personally. He will grab you when he can.
  • Follow him: Dating is a two-way street. We sometimes forget that guys, just like girls, want to feel wanted and wanted, so if you can’t seem to get him out of your mind, send a text gently flirt his way and leave right away. Let him hold you.
  • Keep an open conversation ended: Don’t end your text with a “K” or “that sounds good.” Keep the conversation going by giving him room to respond to your comments. If you feel the conversation is over, bring up something else to talk about, but remember that you don’t want to be too approachable. Another time, remind him that you have another life besides him. Tell him you’re busy and you’ll get back to him later.
  • Remember your values: Life is to be lived and not just seen waiting behind a phone. No one has the right to stop your day. If you already have a plan and haven’t heard from him yet, make another plan. If this continues – go ahead. There’s someone out there who wants to spend time with you.
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