How to Play Against Yasuo

How to Play Against Yasuo (Top/Mid and ADC)

Yasuo is a very annoying champion to play and fight against. Our team’s Yasuo always seems to get that 0-10 power spike quickly, while the opponent’s Yasuo always solo carries and dominates the game. Read: How to Play with Yasuo Regardless of Yasuo’s position, the advice we will discuss in this guide will work for Yasuo Top, Mid, and ADC. Please note that ADC Yasuo has a slightly different playstyle for Yasuo to go solo. We’ve also recently released new champion combo pages so you can find out which Yasuo combinations need your attention.How to play with Yasuo

  • Wave minion management
  • Aware of his synergy with his allies
  • Avoid teamfights in the jungle or around targets
  • Abuse your range advantage
  • Bait his wind wall
  • Select counter
  • 1. Wave Management of Mercenaries Wave management in League of Legends is a powerful strategy that is mostly unused at lower ranks. With proper wave management, you can reduce Yasuo’s power in the early game. If you try too hard and keep pushing in the side lane, you will become an easy target for a total damage because the lane is longer than the mid lane. He can also use waves of minions to close the gap and chase you or escape a skirmish.Fixed graphicsTo get the wave near you on the map, you need to make sure that the enemy has more minions than you. If you want the wave to get close to your turret, the enemy needs to have two or three (or more) stronger minions than you. that guide will help you understand the details and details of how to manage minion waves to make laning against Yasuo easier. Here are some additional suggestions:

    • Avoid constantly pushing the minion wave. Otherwise, it will allow him to chase you.
    • Stay away from the minion wave so he can’t E with you easily.
    • Once he has completed his first category, his full pressure will increase – don’t try too hard.
    • If you want to push, use your ability to push while playing as far as you can.
    • If his Support has all-in power, avoid pushing waves as they can all hit you multiple times. This is a strategy favored by players of Gragas, Nautilus, Alistar and Leona.
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    2. Note about his synergies with allies When Yasuo is paired with an Anti-Tank Support or anyone with a kill or lockout like Gragas, Nautilus or Alistar, his laning phase they can be hard to deal with because they have so much potential and can 100 to 0 someone very quickly. These champions were picked along with Yasuo because they could allow him to use Ultimates very easily. You can counter this by hitting level 2 at the same time as the enemy. To get to level 2, you need to kill the first wave of minions and the next 3 melee minions in the second wave. If you don’t hit at the same time or before Yasuo at level 2, place a safe position. added: how to root redmi note 3 | Top Q & AW Once Yasuo has access to his Ultimate, he can use it on a target knocked up by a Tornado or an ally. Lesson 6, Yasuo’s almighty power will be much higher: thus his kill pressure increases.

    • Whenever his Ultimate (and his Ultimate allies like Gragas or Nautilus) is activated

    Yasuo will play around his Ultimate for lane kills. Whenever it comes to play, respect his full potential and avoid getting too close together. This will make it harder for him to kill both of you in lane. There are plenty of chances for Yasuo and his Support to run down the street and kill you. Keep these timers in mind and try to play around with them if you can. For the most part, respect will reduce his killing pressure. Avoiding teamfights in the jungle or around targets We covered it briefly in the previous tip, but staying away from teammates is one way of reducing Yasuo’s ability to hit multiple champions with his Ultimate. Ultimate landing of 5 people. Yasuo will only damage one champion, but he can hold any nearby knocked up champions into the air, which can allow his team to track, reposition, or damage them. jungler as teams are often tightly grouped in these parts of the map, which increases his chances of beating every member of the opposing team. Also, if his ally has an AOE kill or knockdown like Nautilus or Gragas, it can give him a great Ultimate. His Ultimate. At least, not stacked. 4. Abuse your range advantage Yasuo is a melee champion that can be abused a lot by ranged champions. If you can harass and poke Yasuo, it will make it harder for him to find teamfights early or use his powerful E. Whenever Yasuo tries to protect a minion, automatically attack or use an ability on him. Repeat this as often as you can. However, keep in mind that he can use his E to dodge skill shots, avoid auto-attacking him when there is a large wave of minions as the minions will start to focus on you. Walk backwards after hitting him to drop minions or run into nearby bushes. Bait his Wind Wall before doing all This is somewhat obvious, but do your best to defeat Yasuo’s Wind Wall before casting your Ultimate or all. Yasuo’s W will block all incoming projectiles, including ultimates like Lucian’s Ultimate, Syndra’s Ultimate, and Zoe Q. If you want to be almighty, avoid using skills (cooldown time). high and expensive) to his Wall of Wind. has been used.Yasuo W LoL WikiRead more: how to disassemble a disposable vape pen | Top Q&A There are many ways you can exploit this ability, but it depends on the champion you’re playing and your gear. Then wait for your cooldown to increase again before looking for round 2. Note that his W has an extremely long cooldown that you should consider abusing. At level 1, it has a cooldown of 30 seconds, giving you plenty of time to search for your next playthrough. if your jungler needs to land a skill shot to CC an enemy like Elise, try to use this skill before she arrives to increase his chances of taking him down. Yasuo can throw his Wind Wall by mistake. – Counter pick him: Yasuo will always be a trendy pick and players enjoy playing him over and over again. As such, preparing a Yasuo counter is probably worth it.Yasuo is weak against strongYasuo has a hard time countering these champions: Renekton has a lot of dashes, points and CCs. As soon as Yasuo casts his E near you, you can blow him up. Renekton is very useful in mid and top, which is an added bonus. Malzahar has a very good clear lane, can farm from afar, and is generally a very safe champion. He can cast his Ultimate with CC Yasuo as soon as he casts E on nearby minions. Malz also has a great ganking ability, which helps to put Yasuo behind, similar to Renekton, Pantheon has a lot of continuous damage and points and hits CC. He also has good movement and wave clearing potential, which can help him impact other parts of the map relatively quickly. Nautilus has most of the CC stuff in the game that can give his ADC time to either escape or trade back with Yasuo. Pick champions that can be swapped with him when possible. In short, Yasuo is a pain to deal with, but not impossible. If the enemy has locked Yasuo and you know you’ll be laning with him, pick one of the champions we’ve recommended to make his laning hell on earth. If you’ve already indicated your options, use the rest of the advice we’ve provided in this guide to make dealing with him a little easier. If you have any questions or want to learn more, check out the PicklePants stream. video from PicklePantsLOL on topqa.infoRead more: how to change twitch image offline

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