How to paint Death Guard Pox Walkers

In today’s post, I share with you a complete tutorial image to draw Death Guard Pox Walker as shown above. Perfect if you’re working through your Dark Imperium starter kit or a Warhammer 40,000 Conquest subscription. What are you waiting for, see more after jumping! Read: how to draw poxwalkers This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of how to draw. For starters, I’ll explain the techniques as I go along. Each figure below shows the four steps in chronological order. Below each figure are the corresponding instructions. Each step shows the paint color I used in that step.Paints you will need for this tutorial:Black Undercoat Rakarth Flesh (Base) Screamer Pink (Base) Kislev Flesh (Layer) Ulthuan Gray (Layer) Khorne Red (Base) Druchii Violet (Shade) Emperor’s Children (Layer) Ceramite White (Base) Bloodletter (Men) Abaddon Black (Base) Incubi Darkness (Base) Thunderhawk Blue (Layer) Russ Gray (Layer) Warplock Bronze (Base) Leadbelcher (Base) Read more: how to keep jeans from fading Layer) Tau Ocher Light (Layer) Ungor Flesh (Layer) ) Screaming Skull (Layer)Tutorial: How to Draw Death Guard Pox Walkers1. Black bra for model. I use Vallejo Surface Primer and a paintbrush. You can paint by hand Primer or use a spray bottle. Cover all areas of skin with Rakarth Meat. Add a little water to thin the paint and paint two coats with a large brush (size 2 or 3) .3. Make glaze by mixing 1 part Screamer Pink with 2 parts Lahmian Medium (or water if you don’t have one). Wash this mixture all over the skin of mini.4. Use a dry brush or an old split large bristle brush and add some Rakarth Flesh to the bristles. Then, repeatedly wipe it on a paper towel until the brush is ‘dry’. Wipe this dry brush back and forth over the skin so that any remaining paint on the bristles sticks to the raised areas of skin. You may have to repeat this a few times.Tutorial: How to Draw Death Guard Pox Walkers5. Drizzle some water over Kislev’s skin and paint over all raised areas to accentuate the skin. Make sure you leave the previous layers in the recess to create the shadow. Adds smaller, smoother highlights of Ulthuan Gray to skin. Do this sparingly. Paint all the tentacles, lizard skin, and open wounds with Khorne Red. Rinse off the whole Khorne Red with Druchii Violet. This will make the shade red.Tutorial: How to Draw Death Guard Pox Walkers9. Use the Emperor’s Children’s small, smooth strokes to add texture and highlight lines to the tentacles, lizard skin, and open wounds. Check pictures for details. Apply the watered Ceramite White highlighter down the previous step. They should be thinner than the previous step. Read more: How much does it cost to redo Vibram Boots? 11. Use Bloodletter Glaze to wash all tentacles, lizard skins and open wounds. Also use Bloodletter Glaze on all spots and lumps. You can also use this enamel to paint over areas of skin that have daemonic appendages, which will help them blend into the skin. Use Abaddon Black and paint all the detailed parts.Tutorial: How to Draw Death Guard Pox Walkers13. Decorate fabric areas with Incubi Darkness.14. Mark the raised areas of the cloth with Thunderhawk Blue. A little water to thin the paint will help 15. Paint the highlight of the Russ Gray edge on top of Thunderhawk Blue. Nice thin line. Diluting the paint with water will help the paint flow out of the bristles and make it easier to paint thin lines.16. Coat anything metal with Warplock Bronze. I find that mixing Lahmian Medium Citadel Technical Paint with metallic paint makes the paint smoother and easier to paint.Tutorial: How to Draw Death Guard Pox Walkers17. Paint metal areas with Leadbelcher. Make sure you let the Warplock Bronze go through the crevices and crevices. 18. Use Eshin Gray to paint overhangs and edges of anything black, such as: tubes, bags, belts, necklaces, etc.19. Mark the previous step with the thin lines of Dawnstone. 20 light water. Use Nuln Oil Shade to wash all black parts, blue fabric and metal areas. Be careful not to get this substance on areas of skin.Tutorial: How to Draw Death Guard Pox Walkers21. Use Skrag Brown to cover all bony areas. Water your paint for this. It is recommended to cover the area in two layers.22. Mark bone areas with Tau Light Ocher. Make sure you let the Skrag Brown show up in the folds, crevices, gaps, and dents.23. Highlight the previous layer using Ungor Flesh. Make sure you leave some layers that are permeable. This is called subclassing.24. Paint Screaming Skull edge highlights for all bone areas. Nice thin line.Tutorial: How to Draw Death Guard Pox WalkersFinally, place the model in a way that suits your collection. I sanded the base with PVA and then painted it with Zandri Dust marked with Screaming Skull and the base edge painted with Steel Legion Drab. Thank you for watching my guide. If you like this and want to support me, Garfy’s Get a Grips is available to order with same day dispatch here or here for non-UK buyers. Did you like our guide and reviews? Here’s what you can do to support us: Check out our sponsors website, place your next order at Wayland Games by clicking here or at Element Games by clicking here . Thank you very much, we appreciate any help to keep us growing. 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