How To Over Clock GTX 1050 Ti

Video How to Overclock the gtx 1050 I’m currently running the EVGA 1050 ti in my gaming rig and like you, I’m curious about overclocking to reach the maximum potential of this card. I did a little research and found the fastest, easiest way to overclock your card. This will work with any Nvidia graphics card, so don’t worry if yours is EVGA, Zotac, MSI, etc. This should work for all of them!

Step 1: How much can it handle?


One of the most important things you need to do before overclocking is to do a few tests to see how your card is handling the graphics. To begin this process, you will need a free scoring software such as Heaven 4.0 benchmark. Read: how to overclock a gtx 1050 Once you have a benchmarking tool you will need a piece of software capable of adjusting your graphics card settings. For this I recommend you to download MSI Afterburner. It is a very easy to use and free program!After you have downloaded and installed Afterburner, open it and you will be able to see all information about your gpu. Heaven 4.0 in fullscreen make sure you’re running it at the resolution you’re gaming at and the highest setting with 4x Anti-aliasing (AA) to make sure your graphics card is running at max multi. To start benchmarking, just press F9.benchmarkRead more: how to wear a see-through white shirt Wait for the benchmark test to complete. Then, write down the minimum and average frame rates you got during the test. Also be aware of the GPU’s maximum temperature and frequency.

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Step 2: Slow down

Before you start changing the clock speed of your graphics card, you should first increase your memory clock. Make sure that the power limit in Afterburner is set to 100%.Take overFor this to work best, you’ll want to open MSI Afterburner and Heaven in windowed mode. This allows you to fine-tune the settings while ensuring there are no issues. To start overclocking memory, you want to increase the values ​​of the memory at 5-10 MHz intervals. This will keep everything working safely. If you try to increase the memory too much, you will be more likely to fry the card. These abnormalities could be a sign that you’ve sped up your memory too much. Remember you want to go slow and check the video on Heaven every 10 MHz. When you start to see signs of memory failure, reduce the memory MHz slightly until there are no more errors. Remember the memory speed at that time and reduce it to default before starting OC GPU.

Step 3: It’s finally time to OC your GPU!

Read more: how to remove permanent markers from stones You will follow the exact same steps as before but now you are changing core clock values ​​in the range of 10 MHz. Again, find where you start to watch videos in Heaven with anomalies. Don’t worry if something goes wrong! All of which means you’ve gone a little too far. Go back to the Core clock until there are no more problems then remember that number. Reset it to default and you’re now ready to combine both memory and GPU overclocking. If you have any problems, please refer to the video below!

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Step 4: Combine both OC . values

By this point, you should be a pro at overclocking your hardware. This step is the most important of them all. It is very similar to what you did before. You will want to first set your memory and core clock to the values ​​found earlier. Run Heaven, if things go wrong then reduce the value of both memory and gpu by 10MHz each time until you see that everything is working smoothly!

Step 5: Game / Stress test

This is the final step! Once everything seems to be running smoothly in benchmark time, you should let Heaven run for about 15 minutes just to see if your system can handle the the blackout battle missionMake sure you also check the new settings in your favorite games to make sure they run smoothly too, if there are any issues again just tweak the settings a bit lower. graphics card! Hopefully this guide has helped you to achieve higher fps in your games. Make sure you check out our other How-Tos and Reviews! If you have any questions, leave a comment below our header via our contact page. Read more: 6 easy steps to breaking a horse

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