How To Open Plastic Paint Bucket

Have you ever had trouble trying to open a can of plastic paint? If any product comes into contact with the rim of the container, the paint will dry and close the lid. On your next use, you’ll find yourself transforming into a female version of the Incredible Hulk when you try to open it. The following 5 tips will help you win the battle with the stubbornly stuck lid wherever you are!

1:: My Hottest Tip – Water


Hot, hot water is my #1 tip. I find the quickest and easiest way to loosen these melted plastic caps is to leave them under hot running water for half a minute or so. Heat loosens the dried paint and then it comes off easily.Open the stuck paint plastic cover

2:: Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly – What can’t this do?

Place a small amount of Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly along the bottom of the grooves {where the cap is screwed} and this will prevent the paint from sticking to the cap. Vaseline also works great as an anti-grief technique. Read more: How to coat knots in wood before paintingVaseline for stuck paint caps

3:: Plastic wrap – Plastic vs plastic

This tip is also on the Fusion website and I use the same concept to keep my wood filler from drying out. Simply place a piece of plastic food wrap over the entire opening of the paint can, then place the lid on top of the plastic and tighten as usual. Because the plastic wrap is between the lid and the container, the dry paint cannot stick on its own.Plastic wrap

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4:: A straight edge may or may not give you an edge

Use a paint can opener, screwdriver or anything with a flat edge to place between the lid and the container – then lift to break up the dried paint. This straight edge technique may or may not work. When my paint cap was too sticky {probably because I was too messy}, it didn’t work. Or maybe it’s because I didn’t put enough UMmmPH in there because I was afraid of damaging the cap.

5:: Latex gloves will give you the strength of 10 men

Latex gloves to the rescue again! That’s right, everyone should have a few briefcases in their drawers because you never know when you’ll need them. If you screw on the plastic cap, wearing your rubber gloves (or even a wide rubber band around the cap’s circumference) the rubber will provide extra traction and give 10 men strength. Trust me – it works!widget-break-lineRead more: How to keep feet dry in the rain Of course the most logical way is prevention, right? Simply wipe excess paint off the plastic container and/or lid with a damp cloth BEFORE sealing it again. We all know that for us furniture painting enthusiasts, we can’t wait to jump in and mess around with our projects… so logic just isn’t an option.How to open the paint cap stuck in plasticOh, and one last thing. Just a little repeat… Righty Tighty ~ Lefty Loosey It’s easy to get confused when the lid is SUPER sticky and you’ve spent the last 5 minutes going green and undressing with your picture twist it this way and how other.

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Did I miss anything? Do you have another method of opening the can? If so, I’d love for you to leave me a comment below.

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