How To Net A Fruit Tree

No more buggy apples! If you want to harvest large amounts of pest-free fruit without chemical spraying, netting is one of the most effective and efficient ways to protect larger trees. Shooting fruit trees When to net your plants Netting can be done any time after the petals have fallen, before moths and apple flies appear. Make sure the fruit is thin before netting! Moths usually appear in mid and late May and apple maggot flies lay eggs in June. Read more: how to hide your likes on twitter Read: how to net fruit trees1. Get the net

  • Measure the height and canopy (maximum width) of your tree and find the best grid size using the Tree Grid Calculation Guide.
  • See this planter netting blog post for more information on how to choose the right mesh netting for your plants.
  • If your tree is too tall and/or wide, consider netting the part(s) of the tree with most of the baby fruit and fitting the smaller net over an individual branch as if it were a small tree. You will still have plenty of healthy apples. See how Luke got a piece of the giant apple tree here:

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  • Remove excess pods, especially the lower, shaded ones, by twisting or cutting them so that each fruit is spaced 6 inches apart to allow for growth.
  • Leave the largest and undamaged fruit on the branch.
  • If you have a lot of saplings growing upright on top of your tree, don’t cut it before netting! Use the weight of the net to bend the tree to grow. These bent branches will be more likely to bear fruit in the future. This is an added benefit of netting your plants.
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3. Installation of structures

  • Pests can sometimes lay eggs through nets so it is important to stay away from fruit and leaves. Use bamboo poles of different lengths to structure your net so pests cannot enter the fruit from the outside.

4. Tree nets

  • Grab a friend or two and place the net flat in front of your tree.
  • Secure the two front corners to the bamboo stake with a loose knot.
  • Use bamboo poles to pull the net to the top of the tree.
  • Lift and pull it down so it spreads evenly on all sides.

img_20180713_103145.jpg5. Close it

  • Pull the net to the trunk and secure with an elastic, weatherproof tie like a bicycle tube.
  • Use zip ties to close any gaps at the edges of the net that don’t touch the trunk.

Read more: how to hide likes on twitter Read: how to net a fruit treeAlso…

  • Leave the netting until harvest. Remove any fallen fruit caught in the net during the season.
  • When you are harvesting fruit, try to harvest from inside the net as much as possible to avoid dropping the fruit when removing the net.
  • After harvesting, shake off the leaves, fold and store for next year!

img_2686_2.jpgRead more: how to hide likes on twitter Read: how to net a fruit treeNeed help?You know you want to net your trees but would rather have a professional do it? Then fill out the Tree Care Interest Form HERE. Installation service is only available for trees up to 10 ′ x 10 ′. Read more: How to add minecraft to amd radeon settings

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