How To Modify T-shirts For Shoulder Surgery

Recently, I searched online for necessary medical clothing after rotator cuff surgery and found the cost of such changes to be in my opinion higher than the price. After gleaning a few items, I decided to give it my best DIY version, which is less expensive and works well. sleeve to the end of the sleeve on the shoulder to be operated on. This will open up the entire top right side of the shirt. In my photo it is made for the right shoulder, but can also be done on the left side. inches or longer at the shoulder seam. Align the raw side of the Velcro near the raw edge from the top of the neckline to about a half inch past the original shoulder seam to prevent it from coming loose. Pin in place Read more: how to blend mismatched hair extensions Now, on the front sleeve panel of the tee shirt, slightly rotate the raw edge pin into place and align the softer Velcro band to inside the fold of the shirt (enough for the needle to go through that side so it doesn’t come loose). Pin in place to check that both Velcro strips match at both ends before sewing into place. Opened sleeves remain open. Slowly pull the length of the Velcro around the edge so it doesn’t get out of place as you pull each pin you come in, and lock the last stitches to prevent it from coming off. It should have nice even straight stitching when finished. It may take you about 20 minutes to complete this project. * (Do not buy back-adhesive Velcro because it damages the needle in your sewing machine and breaks the thread.) * (It is important to make sure you always attach Velcro coarse-sided fabrics to the back of the play shirt. ball, while the soft side strip is on the front.) This allows you to pull the sleeves forward instead of backwards. Don’t feel like wearing uncomfortable clothes. Tee shirts solve that pretty easily and inexpensively. They require little care and guess what? When you wear a changed shirt to the hospital on the day of your surgery and go home, the nurses who helped you get dressed to leave will be happy that you dressed you with ease and comfort. lots of room for your bulky shoulder jacket’ You’ll wear for up to 8 weeks. Read more: how to remove foil from the rubber coating Gently pull the sleeve forward to remove the shirt and you can let the shirt slide down your body and step out of the shirt with ease. It’s also easy to put on with a little help and you don’t have to move to the surgical site as the sleeves just slide up under the arm and over the shoulder which are fastened with gentle pressure. because it helps them change your first/second dressing and also aids in therapies when connected to their machine. Therapists love this shirt because it also makes their job easier. worn around the house all day. There is nothing more appreciative than wearing comfortable clothes after surgery and it makes dressing/undressing easier and serves well for medical staff’s visit for short-term use. at a very affordable price. Just add Velcro to the other side of the shirt and they can serve twice to meet your needs. If you don’t have a washing machine at home for easy laundry, it’s best to buy more than three t-shirts and change them out in advance so they’re ready for you. These t-shirts can be recycled by donating them to someone who will have such surgery by dropping them off at the chiropractor’s office and distributing to patients.

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