How to Merge Fleets in Stellaris

Stellaris is all about managing your fleet as you roam the universe. It can be very unwieldy at times when managing so many different fleets. One of the best ways to deal with this is to merge your fleets together. Wondering how to merge fleets in Stellaris and fix any issues you may encounter along the way? Keep reading to discover how in our comprehensive guide.

Nice and easy


Merging your fleets is truly one of the easiest things in the game. Start by selecting multiple fleets. To do this, all you have to do is hold down the Shift key and select the teams you want to merge. After you have selected all the selected teams, press the “merge” button to merge those teams. To save time, you can also use “G” as the merge shortcut. Obviously, your groups cannot merge until they meet. So while you can command ships in multiple unified systems, it will take some time before they meet and combine. However, if this doesn’t work, you may need to take some steps to understand the problem.Are there tool men in space?Some RTS gamers hate looking at the tooltip. For them, it’s a point of pride as they figured everything out in the game on their own. But if your groups don’t merge, then you need to check the tooltips for answers. For example, certain special fleets may not be able to merge with certain ships. If your ship has different types of powertrains, it will not be possible to merge them together, in addition, fleets that are busy with repairs or upgrades will not be able to merge. And you cannot merge if doing so will take you over your Order Limit (more on this in a minute). Tooltips can also warn you of user errors; you will be surprised how often players hit the merge button and only get to choose one fleet. Tooltips can’t warn you about everything. For example, if you give the wrong command, it will faithfully execute the command; the game doesn’t know you want to merge instead. If you try to merge fleets with empires between them, you may not be able to merge if you don’t have open border agreements with those empires.

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Take it to the limit (Command)

Once againThe Command Point Limit places a limit on how many ships you can have in a fleet. The limit does not represent the actual number of ships. That’s because some types of ships count toward that limit more than others. In other words, with a Command Limit of 20, you can have 20 corvettes but only 10 destroyers. Therefore, optimizing your fleet involves mastering the art of vessel shifting and fleet breakdown.


Good time to request a transferYou are probably familiar with the transfer command. In fact, many players accidentally click “switch ships” instead of “merge” and wonder why their fleets don’t merge. You can then select a specific ship from this existing fleet and transfer it to a new fleet. You can also do the same with multiple ships from a fleet and then merge the new fleet you’ve made into one of your existing fleets. It goes back to the “paper-scissors” design of most RTS games. There is no single fleet configuration that can handle all situations. By moving the ships around strategically, you can determine the optimal way to solve most problems.

Call it “Splits”

Ever seen a fleet perform a split?Switching ships using the above method assumes that you want to micromanage different ships and configurations. What if you just want to quickly subdivide a fleet that is too large? You can select any fleet and then select the Split fleet icon. At that point, the computer will do its best to split a large fleet into two smaller fleets of approximately equal size. This is the fastest way to subdivide a large fleet that is too large to merge with another fleet. This technique works best when the fleet you are splitting is made up of identical ships. For example, you can split a large destroyer fleet into two smaller destroyer fleets to be ready to merge when needed.

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How to Merge Fleets in Stellaris: End It

Merge fleets like most of the action in Stellaris. It’s easy to learn how to do and after this tutorial you know how to merge fleets in Stellaris with the best of them. But the art of transferring, merging, and optimizing your fleet can take years to fully master.

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