How To Measure Band Saw Tires

The circular saw uses two wheels to operate and each wheel is protected by a tire to prevent damage to the saw blade. The tires on your chainsaw also help the saw blade run smoothly and grip the road accurately. Over time, these chainsaw tires can wear out and need to be replaced. Understanding how to measure band saw tires can help you fit your saw with the right tire size, specific to the machine. Read: how to measure band saw tires A saw wheel so you can replace tires.

How to measure a circular saw tire


Band saw tires measure Very simple… Simply measure the diameter of one of the saw wheels and subtract 2″. Done! Below we’ll show you how to remove your worn chainsaw tire, along with the type of saw tire to choose from. will look at how to install a new circular saw tyre.

Remove worn tires from your saw

This will release the seal and a number of additional cleanings may be required to remove any residue left on the surface of the saw wheel. Usually, this residue can be removed with a flat, bladed tool such as a scraper or even a screwdriver. You should be able to remove anything that’s left over from this process with a solvent like isopropyl alcohol Read more: how to cook pork with pork paint You’ll want to make sure the wheel of your circular saw is completely clean of old tires . fit of new band saw tire. Leaving residue from old tires can interfere with normal operation and cause uneven wear. A stiff brush can help with the removal process.

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Selection of Rubber and Urethane Tires

Before starting to buy a new saw tire, you need to determine the type of tire you need, you can choose to replace the saw tire with rubber or urethane. Rubber is a more affordable option but can wear out easily and quickly. It can also produce the band saw’s glue over time from its glue and requires extra assembly work on your circular saw. Not only will it last longer, but it will also wear less. It doesn’t use any glue to stick to the wheel, which will prevent this residue from building up on the chainsaw and is also easier to install as it doesn’t need to be glued in place to operate. High-speed band saws also work well with urethane tires because they don’t break easily and prevent cracking, a common problem with rubber band saw tires. You can also choose a safe color for your tires. For example, going with orange can make it easier to check your band saw tires.

Measure your saw wheel

The size of the band saw tire you choose to replace is usually dictated by the size of the machine you’re operating. The band saw tire needs to be about 2 inches smaller than the diameter of the wheel your band saw is fitted with, this will allow it to fit snugly on the band saw wheel and ensure that it is properly glued on. location easily. It will also prevent the tire from slipping during operation of your circular saw, which can create a hazard while you work. “, 14″, 16″, 18″, and 20”, grouped into 2 inches. The tire you choose for the circular saw should be 2 inches smaller than the diameter of the circular saw wheel to ensure a snug fit and You can easily determine the size of the circular saw wheel by measuring its diameter. Just subtract 2 inches from this total, and you have determined the size of the circular saw tire you want. needed for replacement.

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Tips for mounting tires on your chainsaw

To make it easier for the chainsaw tire to fit into the wheel, you must soak the tire in hot soapy water for a period of time before installing it. This will make it softer and more flexible when stretched to fit your circular saw wheel. Honestly, it wouldn’t fit without doing this. Then, use a screwdriver or paring knife to sharpen the tire onto the wheel by going around the wheel a little at a time. Rubber tires will need to be glued in place, while urethane tires can work without additional adhesive solution.


Measuring a new band saw tire can be a straightforward process if you recognize the tire material you need as well as the total diameter of your circular saw wheel. Buy tires that are 2 inches smaller than your chainsaw wheel diameter. This is the simplest way when it comes to measuring tires for your chainsaw. Read more: how to remove yourself from private Snapchat stories

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