How To Manage Your FlexJobs Account

As a member of FlexJobs you have access to thousands of slots screened by legitimate companies, but do you know all the other features of your account? That’s right, you can access more than just job postings with a FlexJobs account. From the daily basics (like updating your password) to accessing webinars, financial wellness tips, and more, here’s how to manage your FlexJobs Account. Read: how to cancel flexjobs.

How to manage your FlexJobs account


When you sign in to the FlexJobs site, you’ll see your name in the upper-right corner of the screen. Click that and you’ll see a drop-down menu with six options:

  • Account details
  • Refer a friend to FlexJobs
  • Give away a gift certificate
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Customer support
  • Log out

From here, you can click on Account details to access and manage your account. Just click on the tab you want to edit. You can:

  • Edit your personal information and email preferences
  • Update your password and payment information
  • Manage your subscriptions, including upgrading, pausing, expiring and canceling your membership

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Upgrade your FlexJobs membership

Many members start with short-term memberships to see if FlexJobs is a good fit for their job search. When they see all the benefits that membership has to offer, many people choose to renew their membership (and get a discount). To renew your membership, simply click the Subscriptions tab on the Account Details page and select Upgrade. This will take you through prompts that will explain how to upgrade and what the new payment will be.Upgrade your membership

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Pause your account

Sometimes you still need your FlexJobs membership, but not now. Instead of canceling and rejoining later, you can pause your membership for up to 30 days. Select the Subscriptions tab on the Account Details page, then select Pause. To reactivate your account, log back into your FlexJobs account at any time during the 30-day pause. If you don’t log in, your account will automatically reactivate at the end of 30 days.Pause your account

Expiration of your account

If you have paid for a FlexJobs membership for a specific period of time (like a three-month membership) and don’t need access at the end of the membership period, you can expire your FlexJobs membership mine. This allows you keep searching and applying for jobsreceive emails from FlexJobs employers etc until membership expires. To expire your FlexJobs account, select the Subscriptions tab from the Account Details page and select Expire.Expiration of your account

Cancel your account

Instead, if you don’t want to wait for your membership to end, you can cancel your account. This will immediately terminate your access to the FlexJobs listing and if you change your mind, you will have to re-register in the future. To cancel your account, select the Subscriptions tab on the Account Details page and select Cancel.Cancel your account

My Dashboard

Read more: how to use a comb Once you’re signed in to your account, look at the top navigation bar. On the left side, you’ll see My Dashboard.My DashboardThis will take you to your dashboard where you can access even more to your account and membership benefits:

  • Review resume profiles, inboxes, upcoming events, member perks, and a remote job market map.
  • Make your job search easier with our job search checklist to help you navigate and manage every aspect of your job search.
  • Get personalized job recommendations and see Favorite New Jobs based on your resume profile.
  • Track your job search, including the jobs you’ve viewed, saved, and applied for.
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Account Access and Member Benefits

Do more

Once you’re in your dashboard, check out the top navigation bar for more member benefits and help with your job search:

  • Search for a new job: Search by category and view new jobs.
  • See articles that can help you with your job search, whether you want help editing your resume, customizing your cover letter, or changing careers.
  • Access a learning hub for members to access video courses, skills tests, learning courses, and webinars.
  • Schedule a meeting with a career coach for one-on-one consultation to answer your job search questions.
  • Enhance your financial literacy at the Financial Wellness Center with support and resources to help you achieve your financial goals.

flexjobs_1 . member features

Manage your path to a successful job search

We want all of our users to feel empowered and motivated by their flexible work choices. Knowing how to manage your account will help you get the most out of your membership. As always, if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service department with any questions.Looking for more tips on how to maximize your success with FlexJobs?Read more: how to draw forward-facing shoes Read the super simple FlexJobs tutorial >>> Read more: how to draw forward-facing shoes

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