How To Make Yourself Ill Overnight

Read the disclaimer below. Have you ever thought about pretending to be sick for a day or two just to get some time off? You know you’re not psychotic and want to make them believe you’re really sick. Just want to relax. Here you will see how to fake illness and this convincingly, you must definitely start treating it to cause some symptoms, because you will be more convincing this way. Symptoms of illness are fever, cough, sneezing, sweating, loss of appetite, hoarseness, headache, etc. This is how you get some or all of these symptoms. This especially applies to some people who have a lot of work obligations, so they don’t want to go to work the next morning. Here are some steps on how to protect yourself and avoid going to work or school.

How to reduce fever and temperature


Disclaimer: Don’t be too silly, doing so can cause great harm and we are not responsible. Be smart, take good care of your health.

  • Drink ice cold water many times
  • Don’t Eat Anything – Completely Fast
  • Exercising too much by doing some exercises beyond my ability
  • Take a cold shower, don’t dry yourself and sit in the air conditioner, in a well-ventilated place, with little clothes on. Repeat this 2-3 times
  • Don’t sleep as much as possible- Lie on your open terrace, with minimal clothing or wet clothes.
  • Ask God to grant your wish to be fever free. (Since he rarely receives applications for fever, who knows he may be able to fulfill your wishes) via
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    Keep in mind when you’re doing this to make sure you’re doing it secretly. God forbid this is revealed to your boss or parents.Read more: How to sell items from your inventory in Warframe | Top Q&A Read more: how to end a fight quickly

    A cough

    how to make yourself sickFake Cough To fake a cough in front of your boss, spouse, or if you are a student in front of your parents, you have to prepare for it days in advance. If you are a smoker, double your tobacco use, as much as possible in the shortest possible time. We have to point out that this can reduce your health because smoking is bad for the body. This advice is only for the case you are trying to do everything you can to stay sick and avoid working during the day. This way you will most likely cause some symptoms (fever, sore throat, hoarseness…) but you will definitely get a cough due to illness. Of course, if you are a good actor, you can easily act that cough and avoid the decline in health to achieve your goal. This is the best option. Read more: How to Sell Items From Your Inventory in Warframe | Top Q&A Read more: how to end a fight quickly

    Fake headache

    how to make yourself sickHow to fake a headache The easiest thing is to fake a headache because there is no way to verify if this is what it is or if you are faking it. Considering the fact that it’s so easy to fake a headache that you don’t even need to actually cause a headache, and honestly, we don’t know how to get it. If need be, make time for a dangerous drought or something like that, but it’s not necessary to do it for yourself, So to fake a headache you have to fake both light sensitivity and the external factors. Of course, take action and go to bed early before that, make sure you’ve convinced everyone that you won’t be able to work or go to school tomorrow. Read more: How to Sell Items from Inventory in Warframe | Top Q&A Read more: how to end a fight quickly

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    Loss of appetite

    how to make yourself sickIt is also one of the main symptoms that must accompany all the other symptoms in order to successfully fake a cold, fever, and illness. Simply turning down everything they offer you will surely give you a moment alone to grab a bite if you can’t stand the hunger, but of course, make sure that in front of other people show complete lack of interest in food. : How to sell items from your inventory in Warframe | Top Q&A Read more: how to end a fight quickly


    For hoarseness, it is best the night before you go to a party where you will sing all night very loudly so that the next day you will be completely hoarse. This tip will help you avoid a day of work or school, but you should know if you go too far with all of this, you could get sick for a few more days, and that’s definitely not good. Read more: How to Sell Items From Your Inventory in Warframe | Top Q&A Read more: how to end a fight quicklyDisclaimer: The information provided on this website is for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Please consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns about your condition.

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