How To Make Your Dog Your Best Friend

It’s February, Valentine’s Day is coming and our thoughts turn to love, in many forms. And science backs it up; It’s all due to a hormone called Oxytocin. Various studies have confirmed that loving glances between dogs and owners increase Oxytocin levels in both. In turn, this brings about the feelings of happiness and love that are the foundation of human-dog relationships. Read more: how to remove chin dimples is a two-way thing. So, how do we, as humans, ensure that we are the dog’s best friend? Here are a few things to think about.

Give them your full attention


Dogs love to share time with their people. When you walk or run freely with your dog, they will really appreciate your full attention. Maybe you can put your phone in your pocket for a while and take the time to properly connect them. It’s possible to chat with them as you walk along – just like you would with a bipedal friend. Play with them on the free track – throw the ball, get excited and join the fun. If you are happy, they are happy.

Communicating with Habits

Read more: par 2 ways to get a car | Top Q&As aren’t human, but like us, they’re emotionally complex. They listen and watch and can understand certain words and put them into context with our voices. Our actions and interactions with them are also important because dogs use our behavioral habits to predict outcomes. Our Director of Training, Helen, says: “At the end of the week, like most people, I have a routine of doing what I do. A little cleaning, a little shopping and then, I love going out for coffee. My dog, Willoughby, knows that when I say ‘I won’t be gone long’ ‘in a particular way, at a particular time, it means ‘I’m out, you’re at home’ and it likely to get a cookie. He used my voice and my behavioral habits to predict that outcome, and he happily hid under his bed with his cookie. “

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Time to sniff

Let them sniff. We’ve found that repeatedly stopping to let your dog ‘satisfy the sniff’ can be a bit of an effort, but for your dog, getting a good sniff around is absolutely remarkable. It provides them with a wealth of information about other dogs around the neighborhood, helping them relieve stress and mentally stimulate them. Allow them time to do this – just as you would allow a two-legged friend time to tell you about the people they met, how their day was, and what they did. on that day.

Reward, reward, reward

Our trainers use food rewards as a way of connecting with the dogs they are training. Using food as a reward for good behavior promotes bonding and strengthens relationships. When you walk your dog, be sure to bring some treats with you so they know it’s okay to come back and check in with you. It’s important to note that food rewards should be taken out of your dog’s daily meal allowance – being weird here and there is perfectly fine but being a really good friend to your dog is also. This means making sure they maintain a healthy weight. The dog is there to share life with you and we hope you enjoy many happy times together. Read more: How to create a diamond play button

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