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When I learned that The Little Prince was coming to Netflix, it took me less than a week to watch it. After making my rose, I didn’t even make it for another week before seeing it again. However, this time it was more effective when I watched while sewing. I need a fox friend of my own, the only one in the world for me.Reading: how to make a fox from the little Prince “I’m looking for you. What does that mean – tame? “It is an act too often overlooked,” said the fox. “It means establishing a relationship.” “To establish a relationship?” “That’s all,” said the fox. “To me, you are still just a boy, no different from a hundred thousand other boys. And I don’t need you. And you, on your side, don’t need me. To you, I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we will need each other. With me, you will be unique in the world. For you, I will be unique in the whole world…. ” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince In case you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with this story and its beautiful film adaptation. If you’re like me, and need a fox of your own to tame, it can be stitched with a little difficulty.The Little Prince FoxDangerous finished foxTo complete the fox you will need: A sewing machine – Iron and iron Janome MC 3000An 100% cotton fabric orange (Rust Solid FQ # 12375929), white (White Solid FQ # 5960141) and black (Black Solid FQ) #5960620), pictured below, available at Joann’sWhite thread [Amazon Affiliate Link]Black embroidery thread [Amazon Affiliate Link]Eye buttons (mine are by Joann, but they can be found in many places) 100% Polyester Stuffing [Amazon Affiliate Link]Tissue paper, access to printer, pen/pencilFox Buttons and ThreadFox Fabric QuartersFabric before use should be washed and ironed, so that later when washing your fox after being dirty because of love, it will not shrink. Even though the fabric I bought said no prewash on the sticker, I still did. After ironing the fabric, leave the iron out as you will continue to use it throughout the sewing process. out on 8.5 x 11 ″ paper, it will be exactly the size I cut. As for the body, it’s longer than a sheet of paper, so the two pages will need to be glued together for the arrows to align. After the pages are printed, place a tissue paper over the template and draw bold lines. After cutting the tissue, you pin it to the fabric as shown below, then cut the fabric to the size of the tissue. Some sizes will need to be used twice, and you can reuse tissues (which is what I did) or track multiple samples of the same pattern.Fox body model pinnedFox body fabric cuttingFox Body CutAfter cutting all the pieces, you will have a nice pile of fabric, including: Orange, 1 body piece, 4 leg pieces, 2 large ear pieces, 2 Black tail pieces, 2 nose pieces, 4 leg pieces, 2 large ear pieces White, 1 body piece, 4 small ear pieces, 2 tail tips If you arrange the patterns carefully, you should be able to get a quarter of the fabric of each color out, but the orange will be close alike.Fox fabricWhen you’re ready, you’ll sew in the following order: Start with the ears, each made up of 2 small white ear pieces, 1 large black ear piece, and 1 large orange ear piece. Unfortunately, I didn’t take enough pictures of the ears, as I kept making silly mistakes and had to have stitches. Margin .25 ″. Once done, you can turn right side out and iron. After flat ironing, they can be sewn on the outer black ear, keeping the fringe as small as possible. You can see in the image below, I initially sewed the white part with a larger margin, but it didn’t seem secure, so I sewed closer to the edge. Two stitches are not needed, just the one closer to the edge, but it’s not worth tearing off the inner stitches as they don’t cause any problems. Orange and black ears can be sewn together. Take a look at the picture below, as the right ear (in my hand) is correct and the left ear is NOT. When lining up orange and black for stitching, make sure that the white inner ear is between the black and orange, not the outside. Then, use the black and orange sewing machine as you did with the white, without closing the bottom edge and leaving a .25 ″ margin around the outside. After sewing is done, turn right side out and iron (Now the correct ear piece below is shown). Alternatively, insert the bottom edges to about .25″ and iron them down. The ears can then be stuffed and sewn closed. Repeat for the second ear, then set them aside until the end. Read more: Properly remove Invisalign buttons.Fox Ears - MISTAKEAfter making the ears, make the tail. First, sew the white ends of the tails for each tail, taking care not to sew them on the sides as the finished tails won’t match. The figure below shows the correct sewing direction. Sew the edge of white with orange, then turn flat and iron. Line up the tail pieces with right sides facing each other, sewing around the outer edge but leaving the bottom open. When sewing the tail of the shirt, I wasn’t careful to make the seams between the two colors white and orange together, the stitching was not perfect. If you’re interested in this, be sure to take care when stacking pieces of fabric for sewing. After sewing is done, turn the right side of the tail out through the bottom hole and iron. After ironing is complete, stuff the tail and keep the end separately.Fox Tail PiecesNext, work on the legs. First, sew the black leg to the bottom of the leg, as you did with the white tip. After sewing horizontally, iron the feet flat. Then again with the right side facing in, sew the edge of the foot and toes down. After sewing, turn the right side of the leg out, iron and fold. They can be set aside. The photo below shows two finished legs, one still inside out (bottom) and one turned right out (top).Fox LegsThe final part of the assembly process is the body. First, sew the nose pieces to the ends of the body, one orange and one white, as you did on the legs and tail end. After sewing, iron them flat. Then, with the right side of the orange and white body pieces, starting halfway up, sew along the edge down towards the nose, around the nose and back down the other side, stopping halfway. If I were to do my own, I would attach the front legs (arms) higher up than I did, so about half the body length down, attach the arms one by one, making sure that the legs will be on the side. outside. During sewing, they will stay inside the body. After attaching both arms, sew the rest of the way down to the edge, then at the bottom corners attach the back legs as you did with the front legs. After sewing the entire body apart from the bottom edge, the body can be turned right side out. After turning the right side out, iron the body and tuck it in. When ironing the body, insert the .25 inch open bottom, both orange and white, ironing the edge with the raw edges inside the body. Before closing the body, attach the ears and eyes. The two ears are not exactly the same, but are mirror images of each other, so keep this in mind when choosing which ear is the right ear and which is the left ear. Also, make sure you don’t accidentally turn them upside down. Line up the ears so that the front corners touch the center and the back corners are at the line between the orange and white. Sew along the top edge of the orange, being careful to just go through the orange, as shown in the three images below. Then, use embroidery thread to attach the eyes.Sewing fox step 1Sewing fox step 2Ear stitch fox step 3Finally, making sure the fox is well stuffed (but not overstuffed), hand-sewn along the bottom edge, securing the tail in the center of the base. Your fox is now ready to be tamed and loved. He is unique in the whole world, because he is your fox.Fox finished sitting in frontFox finished sittingFinished fox Sit on topFox finished Top ViewFinished fox under belly“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: Only with the heart can one see rightly; what’s good for the eyes.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little PrinceFox finished dangerous 2Read more: how to change your name in outlook 2010

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