How To Make Steampunk Jewelry

14 How To Make Steampunk Jewelryby Rena Klingenberg. © 2003-Current Rena Klingenberg. Registered Copyright Read: How to Make Steampunk Jewelry Steampunk jewelry is a fun and exciting style to work with. It combines classic, hardware, imagination, utility and science fiction.

What is Steampunk?


It’s a fictional era that takes place during the Victorian-Edward period of England – the late 1800s and early 1900s. elements of that period in history and an extra creative dose of science fiction/ interesting fantasy. into a popular style to wear – and to do.

Steampunk inspiration

Once you know the influence of this style, it’s easy to come up with interesting components and designs for your own steampunk jewelry.

  • steam-powered technology (which is the origin of the name)
  • time travel
  • invention
  • aviation and experimental aircraft
  • Victorian-inspired creative weapon
  • tool
  • discover
  • discover
  • strange (and often scientific) journeys and trips
  • secret
  • the occult (Victoria style)
  • Devilish crime masterminds with awesome gadgets who want to rule the world.

Read more: Guesstures Game Rules Two Victorian science fiction authors whose books promote steampunk are Jules Verne (“Around the World in 80 Days,” “20,000 Undersea Leagues,” etc.) Wells (“The Time Machine”, “War of the Worlds”, etc.). Real-life and fictional characters from the Victorian era often appear in steampunk stories and movies. Characters that appear regularly include:

  • Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde
  • vampire
  • Queen Victoria
  • Captain Nemo
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Jack the Ripper.

Steampunk jewelry

Jewelry in this style often begins with a bit of Victorian/Edwardian influence, such as:

  • vintage composition (or vintage inspired)
  • guest
  • necklace
  • velvet
  • lace or ribbon
  • black seed
  • other black components (Queen Victoria helped make jet and mourning jewelry fashionable)
  • corset-style closure
  • old photos and other vintage moths
  • vintage inspired charm
  • Classic looking animals and plants
  • Classic buttons and concepts
  • old-fashioned keys and small locks
  • Picture
  • small photo frame
  • medal
  • Item representing Victoria’s fascination with the occult
  • old or oxidized metal – gunmetal, brass, silver.
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Then add creative, vintage/industrial/science fiction gadgets such as:

  • antique pocket watches (or parts thereof)
  • clockwise
  • Classic compass, planetarium and other navigation widgets
  • ancient scientific items
  • Vintage looking marine or aviation parts or themed items
  • small jar or bottle
  • vintage industrial items
  • spring or coil
  • gears and gears
  • hardware (browse your local hardware store to find potentially jewelry components!)
  • dial
  • moving parts
  • hidden or secret part
  • message
  • optical lens
  • small classic gadget
  • old typewriter keys
  • et cetera.

How to make jewelry using Steampunk

I think the best approach is to spread all the possible components you have to work with. Move things around on your work surface, trying to see how they look together. or find a way to make it look like it might have some wonderful, secret purpose other than decoration.Elegant Steampunk Earrings - Tutorial by Rena KlingenbergRead more: Fate 2 ways to make nice weird cookies, because it’s like growing from readily available ingredients! And don’t forget that steampunk can also be fun or funny. by the eye of the ancient Egyptian god Horus):

Combine Steampunk with other jewelry styles

You can come up with unique touches to this jewelry theme by combining steampunk with other jewelry styles or materials. For example, you can merge steam style with bohemian style, like I did in Boho Steampunk Earrings User Manual:Boho Steampunk Earrings - tutorial by Rena KlingenbergOr you can use steampunk jewelry techniques and materials to embellish a hat: You can also embellish this Victorian-inspired bracelet from mine Instruction manual for the leather and lace corset braceletto turn it into a cool steampunk accessory:Rena Klingenberg leather and lace corset bracelet tutorialHave a great adventure running on steam! Read more: how to have a heart heart

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