How to Make Stairs in Terraria

If you want a creative path up your house or tower, you can make stairs to make the ascent look more interactive instead of simply placing wooden platforms on each floor. There are no handmade stairs, you have to make them yourself. Stairs may be simple to make, but more complex ones will take longer. Today I will show you how to make a simple staircase, a spiral staircase and a “ladder”.

Materials needed


The amount of material depends a lot on the height at which you want to build the stairs. The type of material doesn’t matter as any pedestal or wall can work for your stairs.– Hammer (any step or hammer will do) – Pedestal – Wall Hammer is used to turn a pedestal into a staircase. . There is no step requirement for the hammer to transform the foundation into a slope. The only effect that higher level hammers have is faster swing speed and longer range. Use any kind of pedestal you want. I used wooden pedestals and found that they matched the plank walls, so that’s what I chose. It’s not required, but texture differences can help semi-stairs look and feel.

How to make stairs in Terraria

Start by creating some background. You don’t need a crafting station to make most platforms. Some platforms like bone or honey platforms will require a special crafting station, but most can only be crafted from your inventory as long as you have the necessary materials for them.How to make stairs in terraria Step 1Make some wooden pedestals. If you don’t have a hammer, you can make one at a wooden workbench.How to make stairs in terraria Step 2If you have an anvil with several bars, you can do anything from iron/lead to gold/platinum and pre-hardmode. Grab your hammer of choice and start placing the pedestal where you want your stairs. The slope outside my house was a bit steep so I started there. Place a pedestal where you want it to be at the top of the stairs. Then place the pedestals diagonally down.How to make stairs in terraria Step 3Next take your hammer and hit each platform one at a time. The game will recognize the direction in which you are trying to face the stairs. If the game doesn’t recognize which direction you’re trying to face the stairs, just keep hammering the platforms to cycle through the different slopes.How to make stairs in terraria Step 4As you can see the platforms have combined into a steep staircase. NPCs, mobs, and players can go up and down these without any additional input. There is no limit to how high you can make this staircase.How to make stairs in terraria Step 5Although it looks jagged, you can combine two different directions of the stairs to go up and down.How to make stairs in terraria Step 6Going up doesn’t require you to jump and you don’t have to be afraid of falling over the connection. Going down will require you to fall through the top platform. This is still a functional staircase, but if you want to make it seem more classy, ​​break the pedestal between the two stairs and put a pedestal in its place.How to make stairs in terraria Step 7You can continue to grow if you want. Unfortunately, this still requires you to drop from the stairs of the top platform to the bottom.How to make stairs in terraria Step 8

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How do you make a spiral staircase in Terraria?

The spiral staircase looks nice, but there’s no real way to walk up the stairs. You will have to jump up your way. However, a lot of this staircase’s styling tricks the eye and makes the pedestals look like they’re twisting around a foundation. Start by making some wooden beams at the sawmill. Each piece of wood will form two wooden beams, you can create as many wooden beams as you like. Beams are a background furniture item. They won’t be in the same position as the wall, but you can’t place a chair or table in front of them.How to make stairs in terraria Step 8Place them where you want the spiral staircase. Use a pedestal and start by placing the “front” of the stairs by cutting through the wooden beams. Start with two or three tiles below the wooden beam. Don’t worry, we’ll clean up the space you see.How to make stairs in terraria Step 9Plan for where the “back” of the stairs will go up in a spiral. Do not break the beam for this step. Just place the pedestals around the beams.How to make stairs in terraria Step 9It can be helpful if you establish a “rule” for yourself about the size of the stairs. For example, I have four as the longest platforms and the platforms around the wooden beams only come out three. Establish a pattern and continue your way to the top.How to make stairs in terraria Step 11At this point, you should be able to see the swirl pattern for your stairs. Time to fill the void. This is where the plank wall comes in. Plank walls can be made at the sawmill with one stone and one board. I put wooden walls around the stairs to make it easier to visualize.How to make stairs in terraria Step 12Now fill the walls with boards wherever there is a pedestal and especially between the wooden beams. Don’t worry too much about making it perfect, just place the plank walls where they seem reasonable.How to make stairs in terraria Step 13If you look closely, the stone parts of the plank wall are being covered by the pedestals and the wooden parts of the plank wall help to give the pedestal a wooden base. Fill in the rest of your walls with a suitable wall type and remove any problematic walls. Connecting another wall to the plank wall helps to define the rest of the stairs.How to make stairs in terraria Step 14The plank walls help the platforms pop up a bit and the texture helps to sell the spiral theme. You can also make a ladder as a means of moving up and down. There are no handcrafted steps, similar to how there are no crafting recipes for stairs. However, you can make wooden beams and pedestals with plank walls to create what looks like a ladder to get up or down. Set the pedestals as high as you want and place wooden beams around them.How to make stairs in terraria Step 13Just like with the spiral staircase, you can use the plank walls to help give some definition to the ladder.How to make stairs in terraria Step 15It doesn’t look like much on its own but can make the downhill into a mine shaft seem more well-groomed.

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Frequently asked questions

Can NPC Terraria use stairs?

NPCs can use the basic wooden platform stairs system to climb up or down. The problem is when these multiple platforms are interconnected. You may find that with certain arrangements, they may not be able to climb down. They cannot use ladders or spiral stairs.

How do you get gradients in Terraria?

The slopes are made of hammers. If you hit any brick with a hammer, it will change the slope of the brick by breaking the corner of the brick into a triangle or half block.


Congratulations! Now you can make stairs for your house and base. Attempts to make a spiral staircase or ladder can help make a building more visible and stand out than just a sloping base. Honestly, it looks much better and knowing what goes into making stairs can help you with planning when building your tower or house.

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