How To Make Salted Fish Fried Rice

For many Chinese and ABC (Chinese Americans), this Cantonese-style chicken and salted fish fried rice is an undeniably great dish. When it’s on the menu, you have to have it, no matter who you’re dining with and they may or may not be disgusted by your meal choices. Don’t be shy, my friend! For our non-Asian friends, this savory fish fried rice may sound a bit adventurous, at best. Worst of all, it’s like something Andrew Zimmern might describe with one of his crazy adjectives. Fetid. Mineral-y. Barnyard-y? Read: how to make salty fish fried rice Try to keep an open mind, because I want to share a story with you — my first encounter with a simple cheese pizza. aunts and cousins, there were 20 of us.) We were literally “just out of the boat” (just out of the plane anyway), and my grandmother was eager for us. see America. We were only in the US for one day when she decided to take everyone to a local pizzeria in downtown Monticello, NY. But when the hot, greasy pizza reached the table, we immediately started vomiting. Staring at my grandmother as she digs and cuts, we can’t understand how she’s controlling her gag reflex, let alone taking every bite. This is my first time encountering cheese. pizza and cheese cravings Read more: How long does the brisket last So let’s get back to this savory fish and chicken fried rice — it sounds a little irritating at first, but it’s actually amazing. If you love the cheese and subtle richness of cooked, melted anchovies, YOU WILL LOVE THIS. ).But for those of you still here… another big reason to make your own is that restaurants never give you enough salty fish—sometimes to the point where you can’t even taste it (that’s it). It’s expensive. A whole salted fish can cost you up to a hundred dollars. Dollars. That’s serious. But don’t worry… you can buy it in small quantities and a little bit. it will take time.) For a less exotic choice, try Scallop Fried Rice or maybe Thai Basil Shrimp Fried Rice? Or, just do with this and I promise, you won’t regret it – with the recipe! . Cantonese Salted Fish Fried Rice

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Recipe guide

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a pan over high heat, roast chicken until lightly golden and set aside. make this dish), and add . Cantonese Salted Fish Fried RiceRead more: How to remove spray paint from carpet Sweep it until it turns translucent, and add finely chopped salted fish. Cook for a few more minutes until it comes to a boil (which is a good way), fragrant aromas waft into the air, then add the cooked rice and chicken and stir until the rice is cooked . Cantonese Salted Fish Fried RiceNow, add Shaoxing wine, sesame oil and salt to taste. Stir for another minute, add cilantro and chopped scallions, stir for the last . Cantonese Salted Fish Fried RiceUse this savory chicken and fish fried rice as a meal! . Cantonese Salted Fish Fried . Cantonese Salted Fish Fried . Cantonese Salted Fish Fried . Cantonese Salted Fish Fried RiceRead more: how to make tea tree oil to treat bed bugs

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