How To Make Ponytail Holders With Ribbons

I know many of you probably have little girls participating in different sports or dancing or cheering and I wanted to post how to make these cute little ribbons. it was a lot of fun and was a highlight of the weekend. I wanted to make some cute little bows for her to wear in her games, and these little ribbons are so easy to put together. You can adjust the colors and textures to suit any activity. Those of you who love to watch professional teams or tailors can also make these and they will be adorable. Planning a trip to Disney? Little red and black and white ribbons would be perfect and come in all sorts of Mickey and Minnie ribbons. These are officially called “Pony-o” ribbons, and they usually cost around $5 each if you come across them at street fairs or on Etsy. Even so, they’re actually really easy to make and pretty cheap. To get started, you just need a few things-

  • Ribbons of your choice (between 3-7 ribbon styles is usually best)
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Needle and thread (optional)
  • The ponytail holder
  • Ruler or sheet of paper 81/2 x 11

We’ve got a couple of football teams and I try to get the ribbon to match. The yellow and black above are from the Bumblebees and the yellow and black below are from the Funky to make a football hair bowTo get started, you want to lay out your ribbon and cut it to the length you like – usually 12 inches to 24 inches. This will depend on your child’s hair length. My young daughter has shoulder length hair so I cut it at 12 inches. It will hang 6 inches on each side to the to make a hair bowNext, you want to line the ribbons in a criss-cross pattern, or you can stack the ribbons on top of each one starting at the largest one. I like to make them at an angle like in the picture because you can better see all the different ribbon patterns. Whatever look you like will turn out great! I kept the ribbon pretty close together on the cross but if you want it bigger just make a bigger X with your to make a pony with ribbonI just like to put a little hot glue in the middle of each ribbon as I stack them to keep them in place and easier to handle. at the to make a bow with softballNow wrap the thread around a series of times. This keeps the bow secure during games that should wrap and wrap and wrap and to be a girlOnce it feels pretty stable, use a needle to push the hair tie through the ribbons and then wrap and rewind and wrap the thread around until the elastic feels super strong. Now take a thin ribbon – about 2 inches long and use hot glue. around the subject to end to make a football hair ribbonI found the little football buttons to be as pretty as Joann’s craft, so for some I tied the ribbon around and for others I glued the hot button to the top. Two more steps and you’re done.How to make a ponytail for girls (Pony-os)Read more: how to sew an irish ball gown Or cut the ribbon studs in a V shape or at any angle for a sleeker look. I like to mix and match the cuts with my ribbons. And the last step is to glue the ribbon so it doesn’t get stuck with the microfibers. I took a lighter and held it about 1/2 inch from the ends of the ribbon. That will seal it from fraying. You don’t want to burn the ribbon- so the flame won’t actually hit the ribbon just kind of kiss it :). If you don’t have a lighter on hand, you can leave it on or dab a little clear nail polish or polish on the ends of your hair – just a little! DO IT!how to make football ribbonLovely isn’t it? And very easy! I bought a few rolls of ribbon that were sold with coupons and such, so I could pay around $1-2 each. The little soccer ribbon was sold out at my local craft stores but I found it for $3 at Walmart. So for about $10 you can make a few of these little Pony Os. This would be a cute project for the girls to do together. Here’s another project I did for the Superbowl (we’re Seahawks fans) and was delighted the colors matched my preschooler’s school colors as well. They have school spirit days where kids wear school shirts and these little ribbons look so cute.How to make hair ribbons for girlsAnd if you have little girls, have you come across these adorable little Rubber Band Bracelets they can make? My six year old did a bunch of these.How to make a rubber band braceletRead more: How to Backsweeten Mead and Cider | Top Q&A

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