How To Make Pebbles And Bam Bam Costumes

Flintstones make a great theme for group or family outfits, so this DIY Bam Bam Outfit is a great addition! This outfit is very quick to use felt.Soi and Bam Bam Costume | Halloween flintI love how cute these outfits are barefoot! I think they would also look cute with brown sandals.Bam Bam Costume | flint Halloween costumeOutfitting Flintstones is surprisingly easy! You can make these in an afternoon! I added a white shirt underneath this Bam Bam outfit, but you can replace it with a shirt for a younger kid or go topless for a real Bam Bam look!bamm bamm tutorial

Pebbles and Bam Bam DIY Costumes


Pebbles and Bam Bam from Flintstones are so cute together! These homemade halloween costumes are simple to make and make a great costume for siblings or friends.Soi and Bam Bam Costume | flint Halloween costumeClick here for the Gravel costume tutorial.

Bam Bam flint costume material

Bam Bam Costume | flint Halloween costume

  • 1/2 yard Orange
  • 1/4 yard Black felt
  • 1/3 yard brown felt
  • 21″ of 1″ elastic
  • Hat
  • Glue Guns
  • White felt scrap
  • Hairpin, optional
  • White yarn
  • Plastic sticks

Bam Bam Halloween costume model

Download the template and print it out at 100% or NO SIZE. BAM BAM DRESS SAMPLE Cut along the dashed line and glue the pattern pieces together as shown below:bam bam layout

Homemade Bam Bam Costume for Toddlers

Read more: How to Install Electric Groove in a Trailer Using a 3/8″ Seam Fitting Start by cutting two layers of the orange felted skirt piece.Bam Bam costume tutorialSew the skirt pieces together using the sides together. Sew along the side seams.bam bam dress tutorial 2Cut a 1 piece of elastic about the same length as your waist measurement for the size you are making. For size 4/5 I cut a piece of elastic about 21″ long. Stack the ends of the elastic and sew together in a loop. Extend the loop around the inside of the skirt and pin it. Sew with a zig zag along the top of the skirt.Halloween costumesTurn the skirt right side out and fold the elastic down. Pin in place.Sewing Bam Bam's clothesSew along the outside of the skirt with a zig zag, stitching the elastic to the skirt about 3/4″ from the top edge of the skirt.Flintstones SkirtGlue the boomerang figures. Place the majority of the brown strap to the reverse side on the front and use glue to attach. Glue or sew the other side of the strap to the right back. Glue the four bone pieces together in a stack and glue the bones to the front on top of the brown strap.bam bam costume

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Bam Bam Hat Tutorial

This DIY BamBam outfit wouldn’t be complete without an orange hat! Bam Bam’s hat has a half circle and a pom pom on top. You can use one of these pom pom maker to create pom pom easily.Homemade flint costumeRead more: how to escape from hell elo | Top Q & AT To make this hat we will start with an old hat and cover it with orange felt.Sewing Bam Bam's clothesI used an old furry hat for this project. Glue along the hem of the hat and then place felt on top.Homemade BamBam costumeCut off excess felt.Homemade BamBam costumeFold the excess along the front of the hat and glue it down.Bam Bam DIY CostumesCut out similar shaped triangles to the top of the hat. Glue all the way around.Bam Bam Hat TutorialGlue smaller black boomerangs/moon shapes to the hat. Then stick a pom pom on top!Homemade BamBam hat

Bamm Bamm Bat Tutorial

To make the Bam Bam bat, use a plastic bat. If you can find a brown color, you won’t need to paint it. If not, you can use spray paint or cloth to brown the bat. I found a very cheap bat at Walmart but had a few different textures on it, so I used brown felt to cover it. I used a glue gun to put a line of glue all the way down to the bat and then rolled it up to stick to the felt. Add more glue until it is completely covered. Read more: Turbo Flutter: What is it and what causes that sound?

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Bam Bam DIY Flintstones OutfitsPebbles & Bam Bam Costumes

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