How To Make Napalm: DIY Napalm

Napalm is a flammable oil mixture thickened with a unique soap. It is simply a mixture of Styrofoam or packing peanuts and gasoline. The result of this mixture is a sticky substance called Napalm Read: how to make napalm This is a durable, cheap and sticky burning gel that sticks to skin, roofs and furniture. Napalm can kill more people than atomic bombs. Its ability to cling to objects makes it very dangerous. This is a secret research collaboration between the US government and Harvard University to destroy people during World War II.

How to make napalm at home


There are different types of napalm bomb mixes. The two main types are;

Napalm-A . oil

It is also known as Oil-Based Napalm with Aluminum Soap Thickener. It is composed of co-precipitated palmitic acid and aluminum salts.


It is also known as super napalm or oil based napalm with high molecular thickener. It is made up of petroleum mixed with a dense polymer. 21% of them are made from benzene, 33% gasoline, 46% polystyrene. The modern version of Napalm is Napalm-B. It is difficult to find agents such as naphthenic acid and palmitic acid and use them to make commercial versions. Homemade napalm can be made according to the following processes;

  • Using a large bucket, fill it about halfway with gasoline. Diesel works best.
  • Break special soap, Styrofoam (polystyrene), dish into small pieces.
  • Sponges are put in gasoline, then you stir it. The gasoline will dissolve the Styrofoam into a jelly-like mixture.
  • Empty the excess gasoline leaving a milky jelly-like solution. The white adhesive is napalm, when ignited, it burns for a few minutes. To reduce the burning time of the refrigerant or slow it down, you add engine oil.
  • Origin of Napalm

    On February 14, 1942, in a top secret weapons research laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University, Napalm was invented. The two inventors collaborated with the US government. The Americans used Napalm to win World War II when it burned down 64 of Japan’s 67 largest cities. napalm on 15 December 1944 to attack Japanese forces. The use of this sticky gel was the cause of America’s victory in the Second World War. In 1950, Napalm stood firm against communism.

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  • It can increase the likelihood of igniting non-flammable materials in the enemy’s target area.
  • It depends on other things to ignite it and thus can be easily controlled compared to other igniting agents.
  • Read more: How to make beaded choker necklace | Top Q & AA After observing its effectiveness, air commanders around the world adopted this devastating weapon.

    Attributes of Napalm

  • It appears as a solid jelly or a flammable liquid, depending on its composition. Gasoline is more explosive than napalm. However, when it catches fire, it is difficult to extinguish.
  • It is highly flammable and has a strong petroleum odor. So it’s not easy to extinguish.
  • It is insoluble in most soluble polar solvents and in water but forms good suspensions with most hydrocarbon liquids.
  • Napalm produces a lot of combustible gases during combustion and carbon monoxide and soot, and gives off a lot of heat. Carbon monoxide is highly toxic.
  • It produces temperatures around 1500oF to 2200oF, which is higher than the temperature of water at 212oF.
  • History of Napalm during World War II and Korea

    Napalm was first deployed on the battlefields of Papua in New Guinea with flame workers. More attacks through air raids. 400 tons were used in the war to bring down Japan. Only 5% of incendiary weapons, napalm, and other explosive weapons were also deployed by the Allies during the war. It is estimated that Napalm destroyed nearly 85% of buildings in North Korea, the first major bombing by the US military since the start in 1947. On the first day of the war, 32357 tons of napalm fell on Korea, more than double the amount of napalm that fell on Japan in 1945. a specific area.

    Napalm In Vietnam

    In 1965, the Dow Company began manufacturing napalm. This was to get ready for the upcoming war in Vietnam. The United States used it during the Vietnam War from 1965 to 1970. U.S. ground troops used it in their flamethrowers to burn a portion of the forest and scrub, in the hopes of eliminating the debris. guerrilla fighter aircraft. Air raids are much more destructive because a single bomb can destroy a large area. 30 million tons of napalm were used in the Vietnam War, more than what was used in the Second World War. used in the operation known as Operation Ranch Hand. The process was intended to poison the food and water of Vietnamese farmers and guerrilla fighters, and then force them to flee to where the Americans had more advantage. An estimated 5 million people die, and more than 400,000 children are born with birth defects.

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    Effects of napalm on the environment

  • Napalm can cause death by suffocation or burns, which is a lack of oxygen supply. The effect occurs when it burns with oxygen in the air, producing carbon dioxide which then repeatedly burns it to carbon monoxide.
  • Its raw components are relatively harmful. Polystyrene burns at high temperatures to become highly toxic styrene.
  • Air raids that used it dropped a single bomb capable of destroying a large swath of land by igniting at temperatures of 1500 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Although its initial use was for agriculture, it has been shown to be potentially devastating to the environment. In 1970, the US military in Vietnam used napalm to destroy forests and other natural resources.
  • Burning it at high temperatures will release toxic chemicals into the environment, making it difficult for people in the surrounding area to breathe. The long-term effects of this are long-term diseases related to the lungs.
  • Storage and Handling

    Napalm should be stored away from any source of ignition. It is best to keep it in metal buckets in a bucket with sand. Bottles should be tightly closed so that they don’t smell gasoline Read more: How to get water out of your charging portNapalm and its wastes should only be burned in a remote afterburner. It should be treated as such because of the toxic fumes it emits.

    Frequently asked questions

    1. Is napalm illegal? It is not illegal but is prohibited for use in human civilizations. However, it can be used in the field of war. Some farmers also use it for weed control. Can napalm be extinguished? Dry chemical extinguishing agents can extinguish napalm. Putting carbon dioxide on the fire can also put out the fire. How long does napalm burn? Napalm-A burns for about 15 to 30 seconds, while Napalm-B burns for about 10 minutes or so. The US used napalm B because it was controllable, stable, and incendiary. Is Agent Orange still in use? The production of Agent Orange ended in 1970, and since then, it has not been used. Pollutants and pollutants continue to be harmful to this day since the Vietnam War. What harm does napalm do to humans? Direct contact with burning napalm will result in severe burns and often death. It also causes long-term lung-related illnesses.

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    Napalm is a highly toxic jelly-like substance. It is only legal on battlefields but illegal in normal civilizations. It deals with the World War II mass murders and other mass murders in the target areas after 1948. It not only kills you but tortures you, because a person is starved of oxygen. The effect of Napalm on the human body is unbearable pain, and in most cases it leads to death. Vietnam is still suffering the consequences of Agent Orange. There are traces of these pollutants there even though the toxic chemical herbicide has never been produced since 1970.

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