How To Make Money In Kingdom Come

Money can be hard to come by in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, especially for a simple son of a blacksmith like Henry. You’ll need thrifty spending habits if you want to buy better equipment or get training in skills like how to read and cook potions. You can’t even clean your clothes at the local Bathhouse without being asked to deliver some Groschen. While you won’t really have a steady income, there are a few ways you can make a quick buck when you need it. Follow the steps in this guide for tips on how to make money fast in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Good at catching thieves


One of the best ways to make a quick buck in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is to steal well, whether that’s through key chests or pickpockets from strangers. Increasing these stats will allow you to steal better, which can help you make money quickly if you know where to steal. trader. Of course, this won’t be possible if you don’t pay back Miller Peshek in Rattay for bringing you in and supporting your medical bills, so focus on paying him off first. to Groschen or please him. We recommend the second way, as this opens the side quest The Good Thieves, which will eventually allow you to sell stolen items. Peshek can also help train you in pickpocketing and keychaining skills to help you hone your theft skills. Read more: How to say silence in Japanese

Taken from the rich

Following on from the previous tip, one of the best ways to make quick money in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is to steal from the rich people in town. Wealthy citizens not only have a lot of change in their pocket, but they also have a lot of valuables at home. Make sure you have a few spare keys so you can open any chests you find inside and steal their contents. Sometimes, guards will come to search you if they think you are doing something nasty, especially if you have a bad reputation. This can cause you to fall into hot water, so try not to get caught with stolen items in your pocket.


Highway robbery

If you don’t want to steal from the people in Rattay, you can always target the roadside tourists. When walking on the roads between major towns, you will come across Wayfarers who often carry some Groschen on them. Read more: how to hang deer antlers on the wall. You don’t have to kill them to rummage through their pockets and steal their goods. Remember, items you don’t need can always be sold to merchants and hedgers for money in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Become an ear salesman

Okay, this is a bit odd, but better than robbing blind Rattay’s good people whenever you need some coins. Sir Robard of Talmberg will pay you for giving him the ears of Cumans in golden armor. Meanwhile, in Rattay, Captain Bernard is willing to pay you a pretty penny every time you bring his ears. money. Collecting ear cups can be a very lucrative business, as both Sir Robard and Captain Bernard are willing to pay a decent price for each ear. Everything has a price in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and the ears of criminals are no exception.

Practice Haggling

For a more noble approach to making money in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you can always work on your bargaining skills. Haggling can be a great way to not only save money, but also earn money. Buying goods cheaply and then reselling them at a higher price will allow you to profit, helping you to earn more Groschen over time. Practice your hustle and increase your haggling skills for quick cash in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. These tactics can be a bit difficult, but they will definitely help you make money quickly in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. For more helpful tips and guides, check out our guide to where to look, get Talmberg armor sets, and romance some lovely ladies. Read more: how to adjust aperture on canon 60d

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