How To Make Money From Cs Go

Make money on CS:GOmake money on csgoIs it possible to make money from CS:GO? Yes, it actually is! In fact, there are 7 ways you can do it, and here’s how to do it.Reading: how to make money from cs goRead more: how to build a outboard motor standRead more: DIY Witch Shoes That Are Wickedly Cute For HalloweenRead more: how to build a outboard motor standRead more: DIY Witch Shoes That Are Wickedly Cute For Halloween

Huge interest in making money from CS:GO


Skyrocketing popularity is making Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the go-to game for most esports enthusiasts, with more than 1 million concurrent daily players. As the number of players that play and compete in the game continues to rise, the game is attracting more and more attention to how you can profit from expertise and skills in CS:GO.There are 12.000 persons that search for “CS:GO money” every month on Google, according to, and the biggest interest seems to be found in Portugal. And this huge interest has been going on since the beginning of 2014, according to Google Trends.Read more: how to build a outboard motor standRead more: DIY Witch Shoes That Are Wickedly Cute For Halloween

1. Real money bets on CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is, without doubt, the most popular esports game to bet on, globally. There are games that are bigger in specific countries, like the two MOBA games; League of Legends that is huge in US and Dota 2 which has its biggest fan-base in China. But if you combine all thee followers all over the globe, CS:GO is through our research, totally dominating the esports betting market. With this at hand, you probably already figured out that betting is undoubtedly the most popular and common way, in the attempt to earn CS:GO cash.

Recommended betting sites for CS:GO gambling

ALL CS:GO BETTING SITESRead more: how to build a outboard motor standRead more: DIY Witch Shoes That Are Wickedly Cute For HalloweenRemember that betting is not a bulletproof way of making money on CS:GO. If you are careless or even unlucky, you might lose money on betting.Read more: how to build a outboard motor standRead more: DIY Witch Shoes That Are Wickedly Cute For HalloweenWith this at hand, the esports gambling market is by no doubt prolific and CS:GO is out of a global perspective, the biggest game within betting. As betting on esports is a new business endeavor, opportunities abound for bettors, sportsbook franchises, and investors to make significant monetary windfalls with CS:GO betting.Read more: how to build a outboard motor standRead more: DIY Witch Shoes That Are Wickedly Cute For Halloween

2. Earning Money by Playing CS:GO

With all the money spent on this video game’s stratosphere, CS:GO is a cornucopia of wealth for skilled players who know how to achieve the win. And it is actually possible to earn money just by playing CS:GO and win matches against other players. There are websites that connect players who compete with one another for cash prizes. By participating in daily tournaments, in a one-on-one or tournament style, you can win €10-€15 per match.The only thing you need to do is to sign up at a daily CS:GO competition platform. Once your profile is set up, you just need to set your preferences, and the automated platform then matches you with other gamers, with similar settings. Offering its own digital currency, You can often start with play money, just for fun, to get time to learn the platform before changing over to actual cash.

Quick Match

Using state-of-the-art technology, these platforms often offer gamers the flexibility to choose the region, currency, game mode, and entry fee. After inputting the information, the website does the rest. Gamers just click the ‘find games’ button to connect with like-minded, skilled players.

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Gamers play multiple tournaments daily on these kinds of sites, and not just CS:GO, but also Dota 2. Unlike pro tournaments, prizes for these daily tournaments are lower, starting at $2. However, it’s an excellent way for gamers to pit themselves against some of the best players in the business, increasing skills for future competitions.


If you want to go for the big wins, titles, and money, you can sign up for league tournaments, with prizes that are higher than on individual matches. Teams can make hundreds or thousands of dollars. With games scheduled for regions around the world, the platform’s international scope draws diverse levels and skills to their websites. Some league tournament participants hail from Dubai, Brazil, Europe, Peru, and the U.S.


Read more: how to keep a bolt from coming looseGamers may also create a public challenge, inviting foes or friends to battle it out. The challenge section is listed on the menu too. Fill in the game mode, currency, visibility, fee, and server region to create a lobby for the public challenge. When another player accepts the challenge, he enters a virtual fight with the challenge poster.csgo skins

3. Make money with skins

Skins are digital goods, available within CS:GO gameplay. Players may use skins as a virtual currency to place a stake in a match’s outcome. Valve owns and manages the massive game store platform, Steam. It is a digital marketplace, which allows buying, selling, and trading for skins. In 2013, the game developer included skin rewards as an update to CS:GO, allowing players to accumulate digital goods while playing. Initially, Valve created skins to improve player interaction, prompting gamers to trade amongst each other in the CS:GO and Steam community.With the value of some skins at thousands of dollars, third-party websites are popping up, allowing players to use skins for gambling on matches, which is against Valve’s policies. Many of these sites permit high-value skins transactions, including cash payments for the virtual currency. Experts estimate the skins market is worth about $5 billion. Like the stock market, investors buy low and sell for a profit, making tons of cash in the process.Participants may also earn skins by watching CS:GO matches or accumulate the digital currency via a Twitch account, if it is connected to Stream. Skins investors also search for sellers on internet forums, like Reddit.

Skin betting

Since CS:GO skins have a great value, they can even be used as a kind of currency at several betting sites. These betting sites are connected to Steam, so you can deposit any skins that you have acquired from playing CS:GO, directly from your Steam account to the betting site. Skin betting is a bit complex and the betting sites often have their unique way to convert the value of the skins.Some sites convert into their own invented value, where you can use your winnings in their skin shop. Some other sites convert the skins into cryptocurrencies, but you can’t withdraw any winnings in real money. If you want to get real money out of your skin betting, you will have to sell the skins that you have won.

Selling CS:GO skins

Weapon skins in CS:GO have a huge value, and if you have a large collection of rare skins in your game, you might be sitting on a gold mine. There are skin trading sites where you can sell your skins, there are even brokers that help people to sell rare skins for huge amounts. The most expensive CS:GO skin every sold, was an AK-47 skin that was bought for mindblowing 150.000 USD, and the skin was sold by a Twitter broker named “ROFL”. The broker publishes long lists of skins that sell for a tenth of thousands of dollars.Read more: how to build a outboard motor standRead more: DIY Witch Shoes That Are Wickedly Cute For HalloweenM4 Hot Rod: $30k Titan Holo: $19.5k Reason Holo: $19.5kAll sold thanks.— ROFL (@roflm0nster) January 17, 2021Read more: how to build a outboard motor standRead more: DIY Witch Shoes That Are Wickedly Cute For Halloween

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4. Live Streaming

The former Overwatch professional, xQc (Félix Lengyel), with over 70.000 subscribers, is right now the highest earning Twitch streamer in the world. This Canadian esports profile, born in 1995, have made almost 8,5 miljon dollars in the past three years, just by live streaming on Twitch.Source:

How to make money from streaming

The easiest Twitch money stream is advertising. Twitch is a streaming video platform, which focuses on video gaming. With 100 million overall accounts and 15 million concurrent daily users, Twitch is a popular destination for CS:GO players. By signing up for a Twitch account, gamers can reach a wide range of people.After obtaining at least 50 followers, a user may enter the Twitch affiliate program, if all the conditions are met. Followers subscribe to an individual’s Twitch channel to watch the gamer, while he is broadcasting. Subscribers are a step up from followers because a subscriber shells out cash for a monthly fee to watch a specific Twitch user.

Ads and Donations

Besides ads, viewers may donate to a specific Twitch user, if they like what the user is streaming. Still, advertising is the most lucrative. Users simply add a subscribe button and apply to Twitch’s partner program. Twitch shares ad money with partners, and in some cases, payments are very lucrative.Youtube is also a huge platform for live streaming games, and advertisement there is pretty straight forward.Read more: how to build a outboard motor standRead more: DIY Witch Shoes That Are Wickedly Cute For HalloweenRead more: how to build a outboard motor standRead more: DIY Witch Shoes That Are Wickedly Cute For Halloween

5. Play Amateur Tournaments

Exciting amateur tournaments are available throughout the internet. One example of this is the online platforms that offer gamers opportunities to pit their skill level against others in the same class. There are also digital Lan events or parties, which pay actual money to winners. Casual gamers play for fun or smaller cash amounts.

6. Become a Coach

Another way to make money is for a gamer to take the skills he has learned while mastering the game to become a coach. Online schools like the one offered by offer opportunities for gamers to learn more about the virtual game and gives an expert a way to make money through coaching. Given the amount of money available for professional players, CS:GO coaches are in high demand.

7. Become a Professional CS:GO Player

CS:GO offers players several avenues for making money. The video game is at the top of the industry, competing against two other video games for dominance. After nearly 3,550 pro competitions, players have earned almost $63 million. Pros make salaries of more than $60,000 every year.The most highly skilled players make more money, winning top 7-figure prizes in some cases. Money is undoubtedly an incentive to entice a player to become a professional CS:GO gamer. Like any sport, learning and mastering the video game takes practice. Consistent play and practical techniques ensure a player is armed with the tools to win in this competitive profession.


Unlike amateur tournaments, the pro gamers are winning big. Valve-branded events and third-party tournaments draw nearly 2 million viewers. Competition popularity brings in cash for the players who may win up to $1 million, if successful. It’s also a windfall for the promoters who continue to rake in the cash from the game’s popularity.Irregularities in previous events, including a fixed match in 2014, prompted players to form a union. World eSport Association represents some of the game’s most highly skilled teams, such as Titus, Team Liquid, and The organization is working to promote fair pay for the players and regular event scheduling, like pro-competitions in other recognized sports leagues. In fact, a franchise-based association for CS:GO is in the works, called Flashpoint, which will also work to address regulatory concerns.

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Once an individual player or team gains popularity with CS:GO’s expansive fan base, sponsorship money is available. In some cases, sponsors only require 3,000 subscribers on YouTube to sign-off on sponsoring. In fact, sponsors are lining up to back prolific players, who may get to play in front of millions at popular tournaments. Big brands and investors are jumping on board to represent teams.Intel sponsors Intel Extreme Masters, which an esports’ World Championship. As the most recognized and enduring competition in the profession, the championship drew 173,000 fans and 46 million viewers in 2017. Since 2006, Intel’s name and support have given the tournament a considerable amount of visibility, and in return, the competition has expanded Intel’s exposure to a new generation interested in technology. In 2019, the tournament winner took home $500,000.

Governments and huge companies

Even the government is getting in on the action, the U.S. Air Force sponsors the CS:GO team, Cloud9, with a $161 billion budget.Players sport the Air Force logo on uniforms to promote the Air Force to gaming fans who may consider joining this branch of the armed services. It’s a controversial arrangement to be sure, which includes digital content and a web series called Reloaded. This year, the U.S. Navy jumped on board the CS:GO ship, partnering with Evil Geniuses to select service members to play and join the team.Disney is in the mix also, shelling out $130 billion for Team Liquid, whose players don the Marvel motif while playing. Comcast sponsors two teams, Philadelphia Fusion and Evil Geniuses, with an $84 billion overall commitment. Several online sportsbooks also back players. Even Dutch’s DOD sponsors a CS:GO gaming team.Clearly, sponsorship is a significant revenue stream for CS:GO players and teams. With so much money available from sponsors, the loot incentivizes gamers to master playing and develop a fan base.


Corporations aren’t the only brands capitalizing on the CS:GO frenzy. Players are building individual brands, and teams are working together to increase exposure to the game’s global fan base. From apparel to team-branded weapons, CS:GO players are cashing in big by selling to fans wherever they congregate, including social media platforms. Amazon’s Merch and other sites, like Teespring, offer branded products for players to sell to a fan base.From unique team logos to slick uniform designs, players put as much effort into the branding and marketing aspects of gaming enterprises as mastering the game itself. Complex marketing plans catapult players into the public spotlight, allowing each popular gamer to make money off his brand through lucrative partnerships and endorsements.Individual players and teams are downright celebrities, with some as famous as traditional sports athletes. Players who perfect the craft make money in highly competitive tournaments, where the best of the best face-off to win vast sums of cash and walk away with bragging rights. Those who create a fan base develop unlimited earning potential.Read more: how to build a outboard motor standRead more: DIY Witch Shoes That Are Wickedly Cute For HalloweenCloud 9 Cloud 9 is one of the worlds best CS:GO teams that makes a fortune on playing CS:GORead more: how to build a outboard motor standRead more: DIY Witch Shoes That Are Wickedly Cute For Halloween

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