How to Make Medicine in RimWorld

Medical items are essential for a survival game like RimWorld. The inhabitants of your base will inevitably contract some kind of disease that you will have to deal with. Fortunately, there are many different medicinal cures that you can make yourself. There are three types of potions in RimWorld: herbal, regular, and Glitterworld. They all have different levels of healing potency that can be enhanced with the help of lab-made drugs, but can also produce certain side effects. You want your colony to be healthy and prosperous. Keep reading all the medical recipes available in RimWorld.

How to make herbal medicine in RimWorld


Growing Healroot in the growing area Of the three drugs that can be used, herbal medicine is the least effective. Its current medical status is set at 60%. This means that it cannot be used to cure serious illnesses but can only be applied to heal wounds. Otherwise, the organic potions will spoil and you will have to craft them again. treatment process. Alternatively, it can serve as an additional ingredient for crafting more complex drugs in your lab.Here are the instructions for making herbal potions in RimWorld:

  • Herbal potions are produced from a plant called Healroot (or Xerigium in earlier versions of the game).
  • One of your colonists must have a Cultivation skill of 8 (at least), so you can grow Healroot in your cropland.
  • The planting area should be protected with wildlife walls.
  • As soon as the Healroot has finished growing, which can take some time, a Colonist with the Crop skill can start harvesting the Healroot, which will automatically turn into herbal medicine.
  • How to make common potions in RimWorld

    How to make potions at RimWorldDrug Lab Production This is more effective than herbal medicine because it has 100% healing potency. This means it can be used to treat diseases and infections, and some cases of severe bleeding cannot be treated with herbal medicines. like plague and malaria. However, the patient must have enough time to rest to replenish the topical medication, which cannot be harvested simply but must be produced in a drug laboratory. Two ingredients must be researched in order to start manufacturing medical drugs: Drug Manufacturing and Drug Manufacturing.The requirements for both of these components are as follows:

    • Drug Production
      • Technology grade: Industrial
      • Basic cost: 1500
      • Industrial start-up cost: 1500
      • Tribe start cost: 4500
      • Compulsory study: Drug manufacturing, Microelectronics Basics
      • Mandatory study bench: Hi-Tech
      • Necessary facilities: None
    • Drug Production
      • Technology grade: Industrial
      • Basic cost: 500
      • Industrial start-up cost: 500
      • Tribe start cost: 1500
      • Required study: None
      • Compulsory study bench: Simple
      • Necessary facilities: None
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    The drug lab itself also requires a facility, which can be made of some of the materials listed in the following table: Material Steel cost Cost Hit points Flammability Steel 125 – 120 20 Plasteel 75 50 335 10 Wood 75 50 48 100 Gold 75 500 72 20 Silver 75 500 84 20 Uranium 75 500 300 0Once everything is established and researched you can start crafting your potion . Here are the usual potion crafting instructions in RimWorld:

  • One of your colonists must have two potion-making skills: Potion Skill (at least 6) and Crafting Skill (at least 3).
  • You will also need three types of items to craft potions: 3x cloth, 1x herb potion, and 1x neutroamine.
  • Lychee can be harvested after planting Cotton in your growing area.
  • Herbal medicine is produced by harvesting the Healroot plant (see above).
  • Neutroamine cannot be handcrafted, but can only be purchased from orbital or caravan merchants of the following categories: Bulk Commodities, Exotic Commodities, and Pirate Merchants.
  • Penoxycyline (Malari-Block)

    Currently, this is the only medical potion that can be made in a lab, and it should definitely be on your priority list when crafting or buying potions from merchants. It completely cures diseases like malaria, sleeping sickness or plague. Since Penoxycyline is an extremely potent drug, it should be taken with caution (usually one tablet every five days), or an overdose will result.Here is the recipe for making Penoxycyline:

    • Before manufacturing the drug, you must research Penoxycyline Production. The requirements for the study are as follows:
      • Technology grade: Industrial
      • Basic cost: 500
      • Industrial start-up cost: 500
      • Tribe start cost: 1500
      • Compulsory Research: Drug Manufacturing
      • Necessary facilities: None
    • Then each Penoxycyline pill will require 2x Neutromanie to produce.
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    How to make Glitterworld Potion in RimWorld

    How to make potions at RimWorldCheck out the success rate of surgery Glitterworld potion is the most powerful potion in RimWorld. It is twice as strong as conventional medicine and should only be used in the most severe cases, such as extreme cases of disease or life-threatening surgeries. In case your doctor has a low medical qualification. Unfortunately this potion cannot be crafted in the vanilla version of RimWorld, it can only be purchased from Exotic Goods merchants for around 110-140 silver. , and you can craft it using the modifier – Glitterworld Medicine (available for free at Steam). Of course, the creator of the mod did not make it easy for players to craft such a powerful potion, so the cost is quite expensive:

    • 4x Neutroamine
    • 2x Medicines
    • 10x fabric

    Luciferium: Combination of Advanced Mechanics

    Regardless of how you decide to purchase the Glitterworld potion, be careful when trying to use Luciferium – a very addictive Glitterworld potion. Luciferium is the most powerful health booster in RimWorld. However, if in the event you are unable to maintain a regular intake of Luciferium (at least one per week), your colonists will unleash an uncontrollable rage, which can lead to death. For this reason, you should give this medicine only to animals.

    • Pain relief (+ 80%)
    • Improves dialysis (+70%)
    • Improves metabolism (+20%)
    • Improved blood pumping (+15%)
    • Improved eyesight (+15%)
    • Improved breathing rate (+10%)
    • Improved Consciousness (+10%)

    The advantages are quite impressive and will definitely increase the resilience of your colonists or animals in combat. It can also be used to save a colonist from death due to its blood purifier, which is why this potion is used in the Medicines tab in the game. Patients only use it once. So making sure you’ll be able to buy more from traders can’t stress enough.You may notice the withdrawal effects of the following symptoms:

    • Mental rest
    • Acute pain (+ 40%)
    • Decreased Consciousness (+80%)
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    If the Luciferium addiction is not met in the next ten days, the patient will die. – Here’s everything you need to know to make potions in RimWorld. Most of your in-game needs won’t require the Glitterworld potion, but if you want to take your gameplay to the next level, then definitely look at it as a higher difficulty option. , then check them out below:

    • Tips and tricks for beginners
    • How to get Neutroamine
    • How to build a refrigerator
    • How to build and maintain a farm
    • How to get ingredients

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