How To Make Him Realize He Needs You

Does your guy take you for granted? Does he seem less devoted to the relationship? If your answer to these questions is yes, you have to make your guy realize that he is losing you and the relationship is not going anywhere. It’s time to make your boyfriend realize that he needs you, it’s time to make him realize that he is losing you.

How to Make a Guy Realize He’s Lost You – 15 Effective Hints


The beginning of a relationship is often perfect because both people are in love. However, over time, you may notice that your relationship is falling apart and that your guy is distant and absent. He also takes you for granted, which leaves you frustrated and depressed. But you don’t have to give up your relationship. Get our relationship advice. You can really use these hints and ways to make your guy realize that he loves you and needs you in his life before it’s too late. This is a subtle way to fix your relationship problems without having to confront him. Here are 15 suggestions to help you continue your program of making your guy realize that he has lost you or is losing you.

1. Don’t take his help and advice

You have to become emotionally stable enough to make your own decisions instead of consulting him. When you avoid taking his help and advice like you used to, he’ll likely get signs that he’s lost you. Even doing things independently, like eating out or watching a movie alone, is one of the cues that works to make him realize that he’s losing you.

2. Avoid his calls and texts

Break the habit of replying to text messages and take his calls right away. He needs you as much as you need him. Cutting off contact will make him understand that his behavior is unacceptable. He will realize he is losing you and will try to get your attention.

3. Stop making him feel special

Since you love him, it’s obvious that you will do special things for him. But then if he’s not there for you, why bother? Avoid making him feel special so he realizes you’re leaving because you don’t feel valued. If he still loves you, this is one of the suggestions that will work and he will soon start to fear that something is wrong.Related reading: 15 signs your spouse takes you for granted

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4. Be indifferent to him

Becoming uninterested in his daily activities and insensitive to his needs. Limit the amount of things you do for him, such as cooking for him, giving him a massage, or even being a mediator when you’re fighting. Don’t ask if he ate or how his day was. Just stop pestering himself with his well-being, so that he realizes what his life would be like without you and that he is losing you.

5. Use the word ‘No’ more often

Learn to say ‘no’ and defend yourself when asked. Live your life according to your choice, not his. This will give your guy some thought and maybe he’ll realize that he’s lost you. Sometimes, show him that you’re not very lenient when he does things you don’t like. Read more: how to tie a fashionable turbanRelated Reading: When A Woman Says She’s Independent And Strong This Is What A Man Does…

6. Planning does not include him

Go on a night out with your girlfriends, go clubbing with your co-workers, or go on a solo weekend getaway. Make plans not to include him or hide your plans from him. All of these will be subtle signs that he’s lost you if he doesn’t make amends.

7. Prioritize ‘me time’

Do you do the things to make him happy more often than the things you do to make yourself happy? If so, then it’s time to prioritize yourself and improve yourself. A troubled relationship won’t do you any good. He loves you and he needs you but what you need is self love. Give him some distance so he realizes that you are becoming independent and can live your life without his guidance. But isn’t that what you want?

8. Don’t shy away from flirting with other men

This is probably the simplest hint to let your guy know that he’s lost you. If you flirt with other men, especially when your guy is around or compliment other men, then he’ll get the message across. This might be one of the more blatant suggestions you can make. Try to avoid doing this unless you feel you have no other choice. Once you do this, there’s no going back. It will be obvious to him that he is losing you or has already lost you.Stories of breakup and loss

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9. Avoid nagging your guy

Don’t complain about how he takes you for granted. Complaints will only be against you. Instead, remove your presence from his life. He’ll soon realize that something must be wrong. Remember, your indifference will annoy him more than your nagging. It will also be better for you because you will realize that things can only bother you if you let them.

10. Ignore his sexual advances

Whenever he tries to be intimate with you, tactfully avoid his suggestions. Perhaps this move will make him realize how valuable you are in his life.

11. Silent treatments can work wonders

Instead of saying or doing anything to make him realize that he’s lost you, treat him in silence. He will probably notice that you don’t speak or respond to him. This way, he will know that he is losing you. He loves you, or so he claims. But that is not always enough. Read more: how to connect gopro hero 5 to tvRelated reading: 8 benefits of silence therapy and why it’s good for a relationship

12. Set necessary boundaries in your relationship

Boundaries are important to let your guy know that no one can take advantage of you and that you won’t tolerate any nonsense. So you can create boundaries in your relationship and tell him to respect those. Don’t let him touch your phone or look through your emails – here’s our relationship advice. Change the passwords of all your social media profiles so he can’t access them. When he notices that you set such boundaries, he will think he is losing you.

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13. Spend time with your family and friends

The more time you spend with family and friends, the more he’ll realize that you’re not giving him importance. Just avoid him and focus on having quality time with your loved ones. Doing so is one of the strongest hints that he has lost you.Related Reading: Here’s Why Her Girlfriends’ Group Vacation Was No Different From Her Outing With Her Husband

14. Pay attention to your appearance

Maybe, over the years, you no longer pay attention to your appearance because you feel comfortable around your guy. But now that it’s time to make him realize he’s lost you, you have to start over with your beauty.

15. Don’t give in easily

Whenever you use any of these ways to bring points home, you must be firm and uncompromising. Don’t let your love for him overshadow your judgment. Do what you have to do to make him realize your worth. In fact, one study found that ignoring your partner isn’t the worst thing in the world. Even give him a chance to explain himself and try to solve the problem in a mature way. In the event that you break up with your guy, make sure that your self-esteem and dignity remain intact. If your guy is a promiscuous and committed person, you’d probably be better off without him. But chances are he loves you and he needs you and therefore will be afraid of losing you. 13 ways to make him realize your worth 13 signs you’re selfish in your relationship like a cricket | Top Q&A

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