How To Make Deer Horn Chandelier

Making deer velvet chandeliers


If you’ve been with us at Eagle Brae, you’ll notice the beautiful velvet chandeliers hanging from the rafters of each wooden cabin. Eagle Brae’s owner, Mike Spencer-Nairn, dedicatedly made these chandeliers by hand using deer antlers, which stags naturally shed each year. The whole process took about 60 hours, divided into four equal parts: structuring, drilling and wiring, filling and painting. Today, Mike shares his tutorial on how to make a velvet chandelier, so you can get creative too! Please note, this method requires electrical wiring knowledge and skills. Ask an electrician for help if you are not able and confident to do this yourself. Read more: how to make a deer horn chandelier

Choose your gauze

To make a chandelier, with 15 antlers in it, you will need a minimum of 50 antlers to work with. This is because each type of velvet is different. Most antlers won’t be the right shape and size for any location, so you need a good selection to choose from.Collecting antlers is one option, but very time consuming. Also, it can annoy players, as they are traditionally their property. The best bet is to buy them from a deer antler dealer. The other advantage of buying them is that you can choose 50 antlers of similar size and shape, which will make your life much easier when piecing them together to make a chandelier. Make sure to buy right and left hand gauze in a 50/50 ratio.


The first thing to do is create your structure. Start with the bottom loop by laying all the gauze out flat on the work surface. You need to pair the left and right hand gauze so that their points point towards each other and touch each other. This is important because you will be putting a screw through each point where one deer touches another. This is where structural strength comes from.gauze held in place with tapeTo start, glue all the gauze together with electrical tape. It’s perfect for work, as you can bind it tightly but it still allows a bit of movement to juggle things around. Build the entire structure with electrical tapes first before you screw anything in.

Twist it together

Once you’re happy with the glued structure, it’s time to bolt it all together. One very important thing to remember is that you will have to wire this chandelier once it’s screwed in. The only place where the rope can jump from gauze to gauze is also where you are screwing the antlers together, so don’t block your wire glands with screws. Place screws strategically to keep a clear route for wire channels. Read more: how to be a magical girlTwist gauze in placeTo screw the gauze together, use a Dremmel tool or similar tool with a conical sanding attachment to make an initial hole in the hard surface. Then use a drill bit to make a hole about 0.5 mm smaller than your screw size. Place the screws straight through, but do not bring the tip directly onto the velvet surface. Leave the screws protruding at both ends. You will cut them off later. Put the screws right through your electrical tape, no need to remove the tape first, you can remove it easily afterwards.

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Cut the screws

Using a Dremmel tool fitted with a small grinding disc, cut the screw heads and tails at each end to level with the velvet surface.Screw cutting


Plan your route in advance. From the position the wire will go into the chandelier at the top, right the way down and around to the last light. Use electrical tape of different colors to mark your intersection points from one gauze to the next and to your bulb locations. You will need special long drill bits, at least 30 cm long (preferably longer). For screw holes, make an initial hole with a sander, then drill. Try and go deep down the velvet as far as you can, aiming for your next crossing point. Make sure you exit the velvet at a point where you can re-enter the velvet. The idea is to drill back and forth diagonally along the velvet until you get to the velvet intersection points and continue until you reach the tuber location.Drill holes in gauzeYou will be using dual core flex wire for wiring. In some parts of the wiring channel this will need to be double and in others it will need to be single. Plan ahead and drill a narrower hole for single sections and a wider hole for double sections. For example, only a single double crimp wire is needed from the original entry point down to the upper gauze. However, once you get into the gauze, you’ll need to wire it into the gourd and back before going through the next gauze. So this part needs double crimp wire and will need to be drilled wider. Once you have drilled all the wiring channels, use the sanding tool to soften the edges of all openings. You will also have to drill holes for the bulb holders.

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Fix the lamp holders

Next, glue the bulbs to the bulb holders with super glue.The lamp holder is fixed in place


Allow enough wire to go from the ceiling up and down the string and then to your first light bulb. From then on just allow enough wire from the bulb position to the bulb position with distinct lengths. To help get the wire through, connect the dual curler to some thin picture frame wire or the like and use that to pull your dual curler through the channels. Sections with double crimp will need both to be pulled through together at the same time. Once you’re done wiring, wrap the ends up at the bulb locations, leaving enough wire to work with to connect the wires to the bulb holder later. If you want to test your wiring, you can do so at this stage by inserting the bulb and wiring it up. Remember that your wiring is a loop in series, so they will all need to be connected to test them all. Seek the help of an electrician if you are not 100% sure about the wiring. Read more: How to tame polar bear minecraftCords for velvet chandeliers

Hide your routes

The chandelier is now wired but looks terrible because there are holes everywhere. Get the classifier’s epoxy resin. It is usually present in parts A and B become active when mixed together. It’s a putty that stays soft and usable for about half an hour and then starts to harden. After 24 hours, it will be as hard as velvet. Fill all holes with putty and pattern the outside surface to look like gauze around it. If there are natural lines on the gauze, continue these lines on the putty. Precise textures go a long way to completing the masking. Once completed allow booking for 24 hours. You’ll also want to put some putty on all of the screw’s entry and exit points where you cut the screw head and tail.Putty is used to fill the holes

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Now you need to paint the putty places. Buy acrylic paints in shades of brown, ocher, sienna, mustard, umber, and of course black and white. You can combine any color on the velvet from these acrylic colors. Paint a base color for each putty area first and then paint the detail on top with another color. Carefully consider and understand the color scheme of natural deer antler around your putty locations and try to replicate it. It is impossible to see a well painted site in the finished chandelier!Paint gauze

Fix hook eyes

At the top of the chandelier, you’ll need to screw a hook eye to secure it to the chain it hangs on. The position of this hook eye is very important to how your chandelier is hung. It should be in the absolute center of the chandelier’s weight balance so that it can hang flat. To find the right position, insert the screws into the chandelier in different positions and use pliers to remove it from the screw head to see how it balances. Once you find the spot, screw your hook eye in.

Connect the light bulbs

Complete the wiring by connecting the bulbs.Mike with three finished velvet chandeliers

Hanging Chandeliers

Connect the hook eye to a string, connect the wire and hang your chandelier! So now you know how to make a velvet chandelier and how much time and effort to spend each of our Eagle Brae masterpieces. You can see more photos of the process here on Facebook. Now it’s your turn to get started! Read more: How to leave voice channel in discord | Top Q&A

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