How To Make Barefoot Sandals For Baby

This No seams Barefoot baby slippers are the perfect little sandals for babies! You can customize a pair for all their little outfits!Reading: how to make baby slippers * This post was updated on 09/10/18.


My baby girl is 11 weeks old and as of this week has never worn a pair of shoes. Her feet are quite small! I have a few pairs of ‘Newborn’ shoes and I tried to put them on for her and they either look weird or they’re too big for her skinny little feet and ankles! So when I came across this Baby Sandals t-shirt on U-Create from Tutu’s & Tea Party I realized I needed to go down this route for her shoe condition. Then I was talking to a girlfriend and she told me that you can use elastic and a flower to create the same look. I ordered a ton of Shabby flowers and elastic when my first baby girl was born to make a headband. So I went ahead and decided to make some elastic barefoot sandals! There are many options for flowers and ribbons on Amazon and Etsy.


Baby Barefoot Sandal tools to make barefoot sandals for your baby! From!NEEDED Item:

  • Elastic ribbons in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and colors (I LOVE this Amazon Kit – it has felt ribbons, flowers, and circles)
  • Flowers of all shapes, sizes, etc.
  • Felt circles (colors that match your flowers)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

INSTRUCTIONS: The first thing you should do is attach the flowers to the elastic you want to use. When you buy Shabby Flowers, they come with a mesh on the back. So you will need to start by pruning it. Even so, some flowers may not have a mesh on the back.Make baby slippers from!The next step is to cut your elastic to length. If possible, simply wrap the elastic around the infant’s foot in a figure 8 up around the ankle to get your length. Dylan’s elastic band is 9 inches long. Consider the age of the infant and adjust the length accordingly.

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Suggestions for the size of sandals for barefoot babies

  • Newborn: 8 inches
  • 2-6 months: 9 inches
  • 6-8 months: 10 inches
  • 9-12 months: 12 inches

Read more: how to create a song in logic pro xAgain, these are only preliminary suggestions. Consider the size of babies if you make them as gifts. Take the elastic and fold it into a figure 8 and glue the ends together with hot glue. Then, while keeping the figure 8, move the seam to the center of the figure 8. I then dabbed a little hot glue in place of the center diagonal elastic to keep it in place.Make baby slippers with elastic and flowers from!Use hot glue to create the ribbon base of the Barefoot Sandals! From!All those stretchy barefoot sandals are ready to be adorned with a flower! From!Then take your flower and cover it generously with hot glue.Add felt lining to the elastic to create a pair of baby barefoot sandals! From!Lift your figure 8 and place a circle of felt on the back in preparation to glue the flower (with hot glue applied) to the front of the figure 8.DIY Baby Barefoot Sandals are perfect for babies - 18 months! From!Flip it over and make sure that the edges of the felt circle have been glued all the way down. If necessary, lift the edges and check that they are all glued down.Summer Baby Barefoot Sandals are perfect for babies! From!Read more: how to wear two hairs on roblox mobile 2020 SOOOO easy, right?Unfortunate baby slippers from!Baby Barefoot Sandals - perfect for babies of all ages! From!DIY Barefoot Sandals from!Nothing is really cuter than baby paws! Especially if they’re in these Unfortunate Baby Slippers!Baby Barefoot Sandals are perfect for babies! From!Baby's feet are the best and these Baby Slippers just make them cuter! From!It's hard to find options for girls' shoes - these Baby Slippers are so cute and perfect for babies' feet! From!If you love this fun DIY, then I’ll love it if you pin the image below!These Stitchless Barefoot Slippers are perfect for babies' tiny feet! These are perfect for babies up to 18 months! Full instructions and videos at!SaveSaveRead more: Modify existing contract with contract revision

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