How to make an {OBI Belt} aka Japanese Sash

Video How to make an obi . beltRead more: How to tie a tie Read: how to make an obi belt An Obi belt is a type of Sash belt, traditionally used to tie around a Japanese Kimono, known as an Obi Kimono belt. Today, in modern usage, it is a flexible waistband that can be worn with any of your dresses. You can also wear it with jackets, shirts, shirts and tunics. This wrap-around belt gives you a nice figure because of the way it emphasizes your waistline. Since it is located in the smallest part of your body, it makes your waist appear smaller than it is. There are many ways to wear an obi belt. But the usual way to wear it is to wrap it around your waist twice and then tie it at the front or side into a bow or knot. This long and wide belt around the waist can make any dress look its best.

How to make an Obi . belt

Traditionally, Obi belts can be up to 150 inches long – I’m talking about Japanese belts. But how long you do it yourself is up to you, for short people you can make a small obi belt about 70 inches long. An average-sized person (with a 30-inch waistline) can do with a length of 88 inches. For the plus size person, you can make the obi belt 100 to 110 inches long. This length will also make a good bow length for the average . belt patternInstructions for sewing a wrap-around obi beltYou need 2 pieces (front piece and back piece) for the center piece and 4 belt pieces (front and back for both sides). If you want a smaller width, you can resize the center to 4 inches and then Trim the edges to 2 1/2 inches. Take the middle pieces, fold in the center and cut off the ends as shown in the image below.DIY obi beltCut the ends of the 4 sheets diagonally as shown in the image below.DIY obi beltBasic obi belt – DIY sewing tutorialRead more: How to bridge the moon riverStep 1Cut pattern pieces according to the pattern for your obi belt. You also need the look – a medium weight look for your medium weight fabric. You can match the look with the front piece of your center fabric.kimono obi . beltAlthough I haven’t done that, you should trim the allowable portion of the seam from the look if you want your belt to be smooth after stitching the seams.Step 2Assemble the pieces.kimono belt obi diy modelSew the front pieces together – the center piece and the waistband are joined. Sew the backing pieces together the same way.Step 3Join the front and . belt patternHold your front and back pieces together, right side inward. Sew all sides together. Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance for this. Leave no seam 5 inches along the center piece, clamp the excess seam every 1/2 inch along the center piece.Step 4 Read more: How to attack the graves lol Turn your right belt out through the unstitched to make obi beltUnique click. Press the seam of the unstitched part . belt patternStep 5Top stitch of the belt – along the center piece (effectively closing the unstitched part)DIY model obi beltYou can tie the belt around your waist, bring the belt to the front, and tie a bow near the center.DIY obi beltYou can tie the belt around your waist, bring the waistband from the sides to the back, and tie a bow . beltAnother way to tie is to bring the belt to the front, cross it in the front and then tie it in the back.How to make {OBI Belt} aka Japanese SashYou can make many variations of this belt – Pleated pleated obi belt, glossy / ruched obi belt, sequin or beaded obi belt, 2 color obi belt, narrow tie obi belt, belt The back of the obi has piping along the top and bottom edges. : 25 different belts; How to sew a bow belt; How to sew a fabric belt Read more: How to draw a tie Read more: how to make an obi . belt

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