How To Make A Tutu Easter Basket

Easter is almost here! The Easter Bunny will be jumping down the bunny trail before we know it! This sweet tutu basket is sure to make any little girl smile!Tutu Easter Basket Tutorial-Supplies-BasketTulle (I used American Beauty and Rosette) Ribbon (I used almost 4 yards 7/8 Pink Satin Double Faced Ribbon) 1 Pink Gerbera Daisy You’re like me and can’t find the pink basket Perfect you are looking for, don’t worry! Pick up any boring old basket, nothing a bit of pink spray can’t fix!Spray paint pink for basketsAfter your basket is completely dry, cut the tulle to 12 inches. shared a tutorial in her Suede Tutu Outfits post.Tie TulleTie TulleTie TulleRead more: how to get samsung paid themes for free without root Repeat this step with alternating tulle colors (or all one, if you prefer) all the way around the basket.Tie TulleI’ve found that at some point the crochet hook is helpful in pulling tulle through gaps in the basket.Use a crochet hook to pull the tulleOnce you’ve finished tying the tulle around, you can trim it so that all the tulle is even.Tutu . Easter BasketAt this point, you can definitely call it good and done. I decided to be a little more feminine and add some ribbons! I used 7/8 ″ Pink Double Faced Ribbon Retreat carries a variety of ribbons, including the Easter Collection Looks lovely on an Easter basket! Seal the end of the ribbon and secure it to the base of the basket handle with your hot glue gun. underside of the handle, so it won’t show through the ribbon.Wrap the Easter basket handles with ribbonWhen you reach the other side of the basket handle, cut the ribbon and seal the end. Apply glue to the base of the basket handle.Easter Basket GuideRead more: william zinsser’s memoir At this point, I cut two 12-inch pieces of ribbon, tied the ends tightly, and tied a simple bow on each side of the basket handle. I glued the gerbera daisies to the center of the bow and hot-glued the bow to the center of the basket. candy… mess, sticky candy… I imagined the bow covered with chocolate fingerprints, so I chose to put the bow on the front of the basket!Glue ribbon bowGlue ribbon bowIf you think it looks cute now, imagine how cute it would look to be a toddler in a ruffled dress on Easter Sunday!Completed Tutu . Easter BasketCompleted Tutu . Easter BasketWhether you make this basket as a decoration, fill it with muffins, or make one for every little girl you know, have fun and enjoy! Brittany has been one of our great collaborators and is so creative! You can find tons of her craft right here on The Ribbon Retreat Blog, but she also has a Crafty Mischief blog where she posts lots of other cool stuff. Check it out. ????Thank you Brittany for your Tutu Easter Cart Guide! I’m sure every little girl will want one of these! If you have great tutorials and an interesting idea that you would like to share on The Ribbon Retreat Blog, feel free to submit a project. Have a nice day! ????Read more: MPC Cleaner unwanted apps | Top Q&A

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